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Thursday, January 21, 2016

(to give an idea of size, that is the same picture frame shown in my 28 week bumpdate


I'll be doing monthly updates like this for Aiden's first year. Aiden is currently 42 weeks old! Things have been understandably a little busy the last while, so forgive me that I'm not on any kind of blogging schedule for now. (: 
Here's how our ninth month has been!


Not entirely post-pregnancy-body-function related, but recently the flu came about making its way through our house. Both Jason and I have pretty strong immune systems and rarely get sick, but we were no match for this one. First Jason brought it home, then Aiden got it. After the two of them had been better for a couple of days, I began to think: here I am, queen of all sickness related conquering - no, avoiding - when I got the flu. Several sleepless nights later with nothing left but a bucket for a companion, I decided I had enough UFF DA in me to do the laundry. Aiden's laundry. While tossing his clothes in the wash for the first time in days instead of tossing other things in my companion bucket, I found a solitary soggy diaper in the bottom of the hamper. All this to say that somewhere in the week of everyone being sick and delirious with fever, I had put a wet diaper in the hamper instead of the trash can. You know, the shiny barrel shaped thing that sits right next to the hamper. And this, my friends, is how I came to the conclusion that I am slightly sleep deprived. I am sure this happens to every mom at some point, and it is momentous when it does happen. A milestone, perhaps. 
A right of passage. The diaper in the hamper passage. I think I need an award. 

Also, I am still extremely sleep deprived recovering from the flu while writing this, have been warned.

Exercise/Weight loss:
Total pregnancy weight gain: 36 pounds
Total weight loss: 37.6 pounds
Weight to lose for pre-baby weight: 0 pounds (goal met)
Weight to lose for wedding weight (last goal): 5.4 pounds 

I'm actually surprised I managed to lose weight from the last update, given Christmas and our trip to Minneapolis where MUCH Chipotle was had. I suppose I have the flu to thank for that. I was only able to drink juice for a few days while I was down and out. I would really like to get back down to my wedding weight by Aiden's first birthday. That gives me just under 10 weeks to lose about 5 and 1/2 pounds - totally doable! (roughly a 1/2 pound a week). Although, the reason why I had gained weight since Jason and I got married was because I really got into heavy weight lifting and the extra weight I put on was muscle. Surprisingly, I have gained a lot of my muscle back - at least in my arms from carrying Aiden all over the place anyway - so if I don't lose the last 5 pounds I'm not going to cry over it. I'd rather have the five extra pounds of muscle anyway (: Right now I weigh just under what I did when I had been lifting my heaviest PR weights. It would be really nice to get back into intentional workouts (as opposed to only getting exercise from carrying Aiden and doing housework), but our home gym is in our poorly insulated garage and it is currently...*checks weather app*...negative 18 degrees outside. That cold and touching metal? Yeahhhhh I don't think so. So there's that. I do have smaller weights in the house and I could just follow some workout videos on YouTube, but I would need to get some areas of the house cleaned up first to have room to do that. Look! I have to clean (work out) just so I can work out haha. 

Things have been a lot easier. I still have tough days here and there, but I think I am having a better time managing the things that come my way. I honestly think that taking our trip to Minneapolis over New Years helped. Just the change of scenery and more time together as a family helped me have a bit of a "reset" which I so desperately needed. And between colds and flus that have been making their rounds in our house , I had taken a few days to truly rest instead of my doing my usual "go, go, go, and keep going until your hands are bleeding and then keep going and maybe sleep eventually" routine. It was so nice to take a step back, rest, and really enjoy being a mom without feeling constantly rushed to get 5,000 things done in a day. Sadly, with the -20 to -30 days we've been having, we haven't gotten out nearly as much and we don't do our walks very much anymore. For California friends/family, this is when it gets so cold outside that it actually hurts to breathe. If you've ever had that burning pain in your throat from running (and failing at running because running is hard and not a natural thing for some people) (like me), that pain is what it feels like to breathe once it gets to -20 degrees and colder. Except you're not running - you're walking. Or standing. And it hurts. To breathe. It hurts to exist. Why am I living somewhere where it hurts to exist? This of course sparks more chats with Jason about moving to Hawaii. Because it doesn't get so cold there that you can actually feel your eyebrows freeze as you step outside. So far, to him, Hawaii is still a no go. But then he makes mention about how it is "so cold". But he says no to Hawaii. And how we need to insulate the floors with floor heat because his feet are cold. But he says no to Hawaii. 
I haven't figured out the mind of men yet. When I do, I will let you know. And write a book. An encyclopedia of books, even.


At nine months, Aiden is 28 1/2 inches long and weighs 18 pounds 13 ounces! This puts him in the 42nd percentile for height and the 27th percentile for weight! And his cranial circumference is in the 91st percentile! 

Refresher course:
+ At eight months he was 28 inches long and 18 pounds 7 ounces
+ At seven months he was 27 1/2 inches long and 17 pounds 13 ounces
+ At six months he was 27 1/4 inches long and 17 pounds 6 ounces
+ At five months he was 27 1/4 inches long and 16 pounds 13 ounces
+ At four months he was 26 inches long and 16 pounds
+ At three months he was 25 1/2 inches long and 14 pounds 10 ounces
+ At his two month check up he was 24 1/4 inches long and 13 pounds 7 ounces
+ At one month he was 22 inches long and 10 pounds 8 ounces
+ At birth he was 20 1/2 inches long and 6 pounds 14 ounces

2 weeks / 7 weeks / 15 weeks / 20 weeks / 24 weeks / 29 weeks / 34 weeks / 38 weeks / 42 weeks
(While putting this picture together, I noticed that someone must be teething the same teeth that they were four weeks ago, haha)

Hair/Eye color:
His eyes are still blue: I have noticed they change shade of blue from darkness to lightness and even sometimes they have a tint of green depending on the color of clothes he's wearing. His hair color seems to become more and more of a mousy blonde (kind of ashy) as it gets longer, but it still looks red in natural sunlight. The hair on the back of his head forms tight little pencil curls and the hair that has been growing since he was a few weeks old is getting pretty long. Every now and then I hear Jason say, "hair cut" but my brain quickly turns it into, "we should let him grow out his hair to be shaggy, curly surfer hair" to which I whole-hawaiiedly agree!
Shh, it's all part of the process.

Not much has changed - an average day looks something like this: He wakes around 8am, then he takes his morning nap around 9:30-10 and he sleeps until noon. Then he will take another nap starting soon before 2 and if he takes a really good afternoon nap he will be down until 3:30/4:00pm. He rarely takes evening naps anymore and goes to bed for the night anywhere between 9:30 and 11pm. He still wakes a few times in the night to nurse or to be comforted. He gets a bath almost every day which he seems to love, he will watch a little bit of Curious George while I get ready for the day (get breakfast ready, dressed, etc), we have play time and read books, and I try to get housework and my own work done in between it all and while he takes his naps. (:

His sleeping at night has been all over the place lately :( He still naps well in the day: he has a morning nap for about 1.5 hours and an afternoon nap for another 1.5 hours. He goes to sleep anywhere from 9:30-11pm and wakes up at 7-8am. But at night he can wake up anywhere from only two times to upwards of 7 times along with needling to be rocked, walked, moved to different beds, etc. Every night is different...lately he will start crying in the middle of the night and he can be hard to soothe, and when you do soothe him, he will wake up a few minutes later crying again. I've found the best way to handle this is to have him fall asleep in my arms, otherwise he just won't sleep and he cries and cries :( I think he might be having night terrors :( Before this he was dealing with the 9 month sleep regression and so he was waking up 5-7 times a night to nurse and also didn't want to sleep in our room anymore and could only fall asleep in the family room. And before that, he was sick and couldn't sleep well because he had a stuffy nose. :( Needless to say, I haven't been getting great sleep lately...that paired with having insomnia for years and years has made my nights very short and I feel like I'm in a fog in the day time... thankfully Jason found me some sleeping tablets (melatonin) and they do seem to help me fall asleep but they aren't so heavy that I feel exhausted when I need to wake up through the night to feed Aiden and comfort him. For a while I was having a hard time falling asleep until 2-3am, and then you wake up at 7, plus being up several times in the don't feel so good by morning. I did take a couple of naps along with Aiden the week that I had the flu, and I also think that really helped me get the rest I was so desperately needing.

Ah, finally! Progress! In the last two weeks Aiden has shown much more interest in solid food. He still nurses for 90% of his meals, but now he will usually try just about anything you feed him without him turning his head every time he even sees a spoon. He loves mashed avocado - so much so that when we were in Minneapolis and had Chipotle every night (because we don't have one anywhere remotely close to where we live and hello it's Chipotle) he ate up just about all of the guac. Does he even know that guac costs extra? He also likes mashed potatoes, he has tried crackers, Rice Chex, hamburger, cheese, bread: this kid is on a roll! (Ha, found this while editing: no pun intended) He loves feeding himself finger foods too! And, he is quite the gentleman: when he feeds himself at his kiddie table, if he drops a piece of food, he will squat down and pick it back up. Precious!

Clothing sizes:
So far, he hasn't totally grown out of his 9 month clothes yet. I think I could start switching out his shirts soon, but 12 month pants are so big around his waist he can kick them off! haha

+ He has six teeth now! There were a few days where he stopped chewing on his fingers once the sixth tooth came in, but that has since resumed so there must be more coming :( It's hard to believe that even with all the teething he has been through he still only has 30% of his baby teeth. Can we all just go sit in a corner and cry now? haha
+ In the last few weeks he has gone from only crawling on his belly when he wants to get somewhere fast and rarely crawling on his hands and knees, to only crawling on his hands and knees! He goes pretty fast at it too!
+ He can stand up and sit back down (while holding onto something) with ease. He furniture walks, and with our help, he has stood entirely unassisted a few times for about 10 seconds or so. In the last few days he seems to be getting better and better at it, so I think there should be a lot of improvement with standing on his own by the next update!
+ He knows the meaning of certain words and actions: if you tell him to come to you, he will, if you say "diaper" he comes to the changing area (although whether or not he wiggles the entire time you change his diaper is another story, haha) he knows "kitty", "mommy" and "daddy"
+ His babbling is getting more and more intricate and he said his first word! "Kitty!" When he sees the cats he says "thh-tee". He has done this many, many times, so we know he means "kitty". (: If you say, "Where's kitty?" he looks all around until he sees one of our two cats. On January 9th, while Jason was helping put Aiden's jacket on, Aiden looked up at him and said very plainly, "dat-dee" (daddy).
+ He is now in a big boy car seat! He still fits in his infant car seat, but he was filling it out and starting to dislike truck rides and going anywhere. Now he is in a rear-facing convertible car seat and he loves it so much! He sits up higher and he can see out the windows which I think he really enjoys. He can fall asleep in it too - the only downside is now we can't carry him around in stores when he falls asleep in his car seat anymore, haha. But it makes me happy that he can enjoy truck rides again. (:
+ He has learned to clap, he sometimes waves goodbye and hello, and he knows the meaning of and how to sign for "come" 
+ This probably doesn't count as a development, but in the last few weeks Aiden turned 40 weeks old, and he was born when I was 40 weeks and 1 day pregnant. (: It's so hard to believe we've had him with us longer now than when he was in my belly!

General Preferences:
+ Snuggles/falling asleep on people/being held
+ The great outdoors! (But sadly we can only go out when it's not super-duper cold)
+ His favorite toys are his toy vacuum and a toy dog that sings the alphabet
(playtime with Lucille)
+ Knocking over stacks of blocks
+ Toys with wheels, and his loves to flip the toy on its side just to spin the wheels, haha
+ Bath time/swimming/anything having to do with water really. Even watching surfing videos is fun!
+ He prefers to play in the cat water fountain, but I moved it recently. He hasn't found it yet...I hope he won't for a little while at least. He splashes in it and gets sopping wet and I don't want him to get cold :( Poor guy was looking all over for it the day I moved it! :(
+ He loves to stand, furniture walk, and climb all over people!
+ He loves to sing along with songs and make his own music, and one of his favorite pass times is the German art of yodeling
+ Curious George
+ Lots of physical play and touch (hugs, snuggles, climbing on people, sleeping on people, etc)
+ He likes to paint! (: And he only tried putting his fingers in his mouth once. I'm proud of him! (:
+ Sticking his tongue up and out and making everyone smile while doing so (:

(taking the last ornament off the tree - his favorite one was a wire tree with a jingle bell under it)

What we've been up to:
+ The bathroom is still, still not finished. FIVE MORE MONTHS and according to the law of Krahnodynamics, it will be finished. I haven't worked on it at all in the last month. If nothing else, I can be sure that I am good at one thing: procrastinating.
+ BUT! on the subject of long overdue house projects, we FINALLY had our carpet installed! I have some pictures of the room before it was installed, but I'd like to get the room a little more set up before I do any after photos - right now it's still rather empty aside from our couches and Aiden's toys so we need to move some things around first (: (But you can see the carpet in some of the pictures in this post) Having the carpet installed now is a truly momentous thing.  To truly understand how momentous this is, here's a brief history on home buying with the Krahns: 
need house.
see house online. 
never step foot in it. 
buy it - from 2,000 miles away. 
step foot in it. 
surprise! find out there is no flooring in the family room.
see that a rug has been painted onto the OSB flooring. 
nod and say "that's different", and carry on. 
wait a year. 
carpet is on sale! 
buy it. 
promise to have it laid out by the time the baby is born. 
okay, fine, he can't hold his head up. what does he need carpet for? 
we'll have it laid by the time he can sit up. 
okay fine by the time he can crawl. 
This has been a brief history on Home Buying with the Krahns. You can order the DVD version of this audio recording by calling 1-800-some-array-of-related-words-here for two easy payments of $19.95 plus $6.95 shipping&handling.

Okay. Got that out of my system. Returning to normal. I am so excited about this! Our house is good sized for the three of us, but the way it's laid out, all of the rooms are either oddly sized or small. Our family room is the only large open room in the house. I have been wanting so bad for it to be carpeted so Aiden can have a soft room to play in, and now it is finally done! Yay! And of course, since it's our family room, it's become much more cozy having family time together in the evenings when Jason gets home from work. I am so excited about it, I really feel like I could get down on the floor and pet the carpet like one of those weirdoes on carpet commercials. Have you seen these people?! Who directs these commercials?! I mean WHO HONESTLY PETS THEIR NEW CARPET IN REAL LIFE.  I would. I would pet our new carpet in real life.
The difference is, they get paid for it - I would do it for free.


Let's talk Christmas. Aiden's first Christmas to be exact. 

+ Before the beginning of December, I made a simple Advent calendar out of card stock paper, each day with a different Christmas activity on it. The evening I was making it, Jason came home and walked in and said, "Well that looks like fuuuuuuuuuun." in a voice that climbed until it ended in a high pitch. I started to reply explaining to him what I was making, "Yeah, I was..." when my voice trailed off. My mind started working: Why would doing some artsy fartsy Pinteresty project look fun. Usually when I get an idea from Pinterest, he gets this worried look that I've gone on one of my Perfection benders that will undoubtedly end in tears when things you know, don't go Pinterest-Perfectly. Without a moment's hesitation I gave him the look. "What did you do?"  (This whole all-knowing-mom super power thing works on husbands too. It's really neat.) For weeks I bugged him about it at random times to catch him off-guard. "What did you do?" And every time I mentioned it, his voice got all high-pitchy and giggly, like I was getting a glimpse of my husband at 13 years old. I was more than convinced he was hiding some surprise from me because he always gets high-pitchy when he has a surprise for me. He kept telling me over and over that it honestly looked fun what I was doing, but it always came back to me saying, "but why would a Pinterest project look fun to you!" Finally he had me convinced that he wasn't hiding any surprise from me. He said, quote, that he "is artsy fartsy". I gave him the look. Then he said, "mostly fartsy". Accurate. Then he said something like "oh jeez, you're putting this on your blog aren't you?" and then something about how my blog is going to publicly humiliate him and something like "how do you remember all of this stuff to put in your blog anyway?" yada yada. Husbands. Love them.
+ On Christmas Eve, we did many, many things. To further prove my point about being good at one thing, procrastinating, we took pictures of Aiden in a pumpkin. That's right. We got a pumpkin in mid-October and it wasn't until Christmas Eve that we got around to cutting holes in it and taking pictures of him sitting in it. We may be terrible at doing things on time, but we'll be darned if we don't do them in the right order. Pumpkins first, Christmas later. It went well. Sort of. So then after he had a bath to wash off the sticky pumpkiny mess, we got him into his Christmas jammies, read him the Christmas story, then got all packed up for the Christmas Eve candlelight service at our church. When we got there, Jason's parents and some good friends had surprised us by coming there! (Of course, we got there after they did...because we are good at procrastinating...) Aiden liked hearing the Christmas songs and playing with the (unlit!) candle. 
+ Before we went to the Christmas Eve service, I had taken some photos of Aiden in his Christmas jammies playing under the tree. Super, duper cute. When we got home, I wanted to get pictures of him sleeping under the tree. With the Christmas Eve service being so late, I figured we would get home around 10:30 and he would fall asleep right away. Then I could take pictures of him and we could all go to bed. And that is exactly -  not - what happened. Being awake at church late and then sleeping on the ride home and waking up at home actually revived him, so this kid didn't fall asleep until 1am. So I got my pictures, put the presents under the tree and was in bed by 2:30 or something. Insane. But so worth it for the pictures.
+ Christmas morning! There's nothing like having kids on Christmas to make you feel like a kid, well, at Christmas again. It was so, so exciting having Aiden's first Christmas morning at home and to see how he reacted to all the crinkly paper-wrapped gifts and the toys under the tree! I think he was pretty excited too (: 
+ Over New Year's, the three of us packed up for a trip to Minneapolis to do our yearly shopping trip. I don't do any shopping except for bare necessities during the year because I like to be frugal, so we make a once yearly shopping trip down to the cities where there is more stuff to choose from. We live in a very remote isolated area (the nearest Target is a 1 and 1/2 hour drive away, for a rural litmus test). So when we go down to the cities we like to make it worth it. Last year was the first time we did this big shopping trip type thing, and last year it was so we could buy tons of baby clothes (which have gotten us through Aiden's first year), baby gear, like a bassinet, rocking chair, changing table, couches for our family room etc; This year we got clothes for Aiden to last him through 2 years old, Jason stocked up on jeans since so many of them eventually get ripped from working - we got some couches for our living room and a couple of other pieces of furniture and some home decorations. I am so excited because it feels like I can finally make our place a home (: This year I was intentional to only buy items that sparked joy for me and not think about how they might look in some Pinteresty house. And you know what? I came away with only things that I absolutely love. I'm excited to get decorating!
+ Also, while shopping at all of the thrift stores, we found this mega-monkey and so this picture happened. 
+ While we were on our trip, we took Aiden swimming two times at the hotel pool. And oh my goodness he loved it so much! As soon as he got in the water he would kick and move his arms in a crawling motion just like you would do for swimming. One of the nights there were a few other older kids there, and they were playing with a ball and he so badly wanted to join in! He enjoyed watching them play though. (: Now we really need to make an effort to go to the high school's swimming days because I would love to start teaching him to swim. I am super excited!
+ I have started planning his birthday party! This makes me both excited and sad, haha. More sad than anything, I think. It's like how will life even continue on after he turns one year old?! He won't be a little baby anymore! And time will just keep going by faster and faster and then he will grow up and get married and move away and LEAVE ME. ...Okay, it's just a first birthday party, breathe, I can do this. So far I've been brainstorming ideas for themes, activities, food, etc, and strategically planning how to do this since his birthday is at the end of March. And while it will (hopefully) be warming up by then, there will likely still be snow around but everything will also be melting and wet and puddly outside. Or, it could be raining. All fun things to consider when you don't live in California anymore where it's 80 degrees and sunny basically every. single. day. of the year. Womp, womp.
+ We went bowling with Jason's parents! It was Aiden's first time going and he had a lot of fun (: Jason would hold him while he rolled his bowling ball, then he would sit with Aiden at the start of the lane watching the ball make its way down to the pins. He would get SO excited and start pumping his arms and legs when that big bowling ball knocked the pins over! Haha! And he even got to roll a ball or two himself! (:
+ One of my projects since getting home from our trip is finally getting around to making my "braided rug". Last year, while very pregnant and round, our local hardware store had these awesome, beautiful woven rugs on clearance for a dollar each! A dollar! At first I only bought a couple to use as rugs around the house...but then I commanded Jason, "get me a cart." He got all bug-eyed and walked away to fetch my cart. Thankfully it was close to closing time on a Sunday and there was hardly anyone in the store. Because here I was: 7 months pregnant, puffy and round, and likely driven by the hormones of insanity: I ended up walking out of there with sixty seven rugs. That is not an exaggeration. Sixty. Seven. Think about that, will you? An industrial sized cart filled with 67 rugs. Pushed by a very pregnant person. In a hardware store, mostly filled with guys, probably feeling sorry for my husband that his wife found the one good lady-like deal. Yes. Insanity on a Sunday. Back to my project: the rugs are 18x30 inches each, and I am weaving them together with yarn. With the rugs I will be able to make one large area rug to cover our entire living room and a medium sized rug for our guest room and I will have a few left over to use around the house by themselves. How's that for only $67?! Not bad for looking totally insane with my big belly and cart full of rugs on a Sunday night, right?! I am super excited about it because I had been wanting to make a true braided rug, similar to the ones my Grandma Rita had around her house when I was growing up. But this way, most of the work is done for me, it has a similar look, and I love how it's coming together! I will probably take pictures once it's done, I still have a little ways to go. (: Jason has recently admitted that he was super embarrassed by the whole shopping for 67 rugs ordeal and is still glad he didn't let me take all the rugs that were on display. But the real question here is: what would he do without me? I'm eccentric. Fabulous. I make life interesting. Without me, he wouldn't have all these great stories about his insane wife. I mean, what if he married someone boring, then what? Exactly.


And now, an ode to my people.

(I still think this is the silliest picture I have ever taken of Aiden)

As  always, you can check out more of our adventures (with frequent updates)
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Happy nine months, Aiden. Seeing you experience your first Christmas and the joy it brought you had to be among some of the most special moments we have experienced as parents so far.  I look forward to sledding with you at the sledding hill in your new sled and seeing you laugh and smile as your daddy pulls you along behind him - super fast! It's so hard to believe now with the new year that your first birthday is right around the corner. Just ten more weeks! I remember when I had ten more weeks until I got to meet you face to face - I remember how fast those last ten weeks went by and I'm sure these will be the same. It's exciting for us to see you grow and learn: you're almost walking and have a vocabulary of 4 words..."kitty" "tools" "daddy" "mom"...the first time you said "dat-dee" it brought us to tears...but I still wish I could bottle you up and keep you small forever. It's true what they say - the days are long...but the years are short. Try not to grow up too fast little man, your momma can only take so much heart wrenching heart-breakyness. I love you Aiden!


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