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Thursday, March 19, 2015

The baby has been practicing swings in my rib cage, 
next the batting cages, then we take over the world!


How far along?
38 weeks and 5 days! As of today I am in the single digits until my due date. Someone put the breaks on this caboose! 

Also, I have worn every outfit I own that still fits so this week's bumpdate is coming to you live in a t-shirt. But baseball season is starting in a couple of weeks so it's okay. This is a photo of Jason and I from almost three years ago at an Angel's game and I was wearing the same shirt! (:

Baby's size?
At 38 weeks, baby is the size of a leek! The baby is just over 19 and 1/2 inches tall and weighs around 6 and 3/4 pounds!

Days until next doc appointment?
4 days. And that appointment is the last appointment I have scheduled before my due date. Yikes haha

How was your last appointment?
It went well! It went by fairly fast because there wasn't too much of a change from last week. Except now I'm between a 1 and 1/2 and a 2 (: The only other new thing is that my doctor tells me every week, "If I don't see you before then, I'll see you next week!" 

It's so ominous. Delightfully ominous.
Ominous makes me think of onions. Onions. On-yons... Ahn-yons... Annyong?

Total weight gain?
33 pounds!

Maternity clothes?
The world's most awesome nursing bras are Coobies in case you were wondering. They're so comfortable. Not at all hideous or maternal looking. They're like a sports bra with padding and the power of Victoria's Secret. Win.
I also got my post-partum girdle in the mail today. #Yes.

Stretch marks?

It has become physically impossible to roll over in bed. Physically. Impossible. This not only applies to switching sides to sleep, but also for sitting oneself up and putting one's legs over the side to get out of bed. It just doesn't work. I've compared myself to a turtle stuck on its back way too many times over the past week or two.

Thankfully my husband is a genius and suggested I try backing up out of bed instead. 
These days it's whatever works. And it does work, by the way.

Best moment this week:
We've made lots of progress on the nursery! We still have a couple of projects to do but the closet is done, our storage crates are done, and I made a mobile too! We just have a couple of smaller projects and then the nursery will be finished. Hopefully before the baby gets here (: Oh and the weather has been pretty awesome lately! (: We had a couple of days in the 60's! It was so warm hot that we were able to sit outside on our back deck for a while just talking and I was wearing flip flops (: All of this while our yard is still half-covered in two feet of snow. #Duh. And the Northern Lights have been out the past few nights! They're faint from our house, but they're always a beautiful thing to see.

Food cravings:
Jason and I have been catching up on Hart of Dixie lately and (spoiler alert) Zoe while preggers eating all of the bagels has made me want nothing more than to eat 12 bagels every day forever. Unfortunately as a preggers, I know better and know that eating just one bagel would do me in for two weeks.

Anything make you queasy or sick?

The baby always seems to wake up soon after I do in the mornings. (: I kind of hope the sleeping thing will continue on after pregnancy haha

Speaking of movement, the waddle is in full effect. Now in the 9th month of pregnancy, there have been a few days where the best way I can describe how I feel is this:

Imagine a trampoline. 

With an entire winter's worth of snow on it.

That is all.

This is how I relay information to my doctor when she asks how I'm feeling.
Turtles and trampolines.

Have you started to show yet?
Yup! The whole not needing to wear heavy jackets thing makes me noticeably pregnant for the first time while out in public. Jason told me that while I was having routine lab work done, a man asked him how far along I was and Jason said, "Nine months. She's due in two weeks."
And the guy said, "Wow, she's tiny!"

Needless to say I got a couple of blank, quiet stares on the way out of the lab area and I wasn't sure why.

Missing anything?
What I wouldn't give to just eat a pizza without thinking about head and shoulders. 

I'm not talking about the shampoo.

Lots of love for Uncle Si this week.


Labor signs?
Lightning pains, a really really heavy feeling in my pelvic area like all my internal organs are going to fall out at any given moment (trampoline. snow.), but I haven't had any contractions that I know of. 

Belly button:
It's almost turning into an innie again. The center still kind of sticks out from the rest of my belly button but it doesn't stick out farther than my belly does.

Wedding rings on or off?
Still on and almost as loose fitting as the day I got married!

Happy or moody most of the time?
Since we have been catching up on Hart of Dixie lately, I haven't been able to help but ask Jason, "Have I been like that?" whenever Zoe breaks out into a fit of pregnant tears.

For the record he says I'm not like that. But he might just be saying that because he's scared of me at this point. The belly does carry with it a wrecking-ball magnitude force of fear, intimidation, and hypnosis.

Okay, okay, to get serious and break away from the norm for a minute, I've been dealing with a few personal things that have stirred up not-so-fun-to-deal-with emotions in me. I won't get into details about it on here, but the closer my due date draws near, the more these nagging fears, worries, and insecurities rear their nagging little heads. I'm the type that tends to bottle everything up until they eventually crumble. My humor gets me through, but eventually the feelings become hard to ignore.

And don't get me started how good I am at dealing with other people's emotions:

Weekly symptoms:
Very itchy bumps on my legs and arms, can't really bend over to pick things up (squats all day),  lots of pee trips, acid reflux, stiffness after sitting/standing for extended periods of time, it hurts to bend over now since the baby's head is so low, lightning pains, pelvic pain, bones grinding against each other, very heavy feeling in the pelvic floor like all my insides are going to fall out yay, rhinitis of pregnancy (nosebleeds. sure enough, while writing this post)

Looking forward to:
Finishing the projects in the baby's room! (: I'm getting tired of it being messy and I just want it clean and finished and done. But for that matter, I also want to throw away everything we own so that our house could be clean and finished and done. Minimalism at its finest. Seriously. I want to get rid of everything. Even the things we use. Garage sale?

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