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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Finally, all the years of algebra, geometry, and statistics have paid off.


How far along?
Today I'm 35 weeks and 5 days! This is embarrassing - I've been a day ahead of myself my entire pregnancy! Normally on Thursdays I would say I'm "35 weeks and 6 days"...but as my due date approaches*, I couldn't help but notice that I actually start a "new week" on Saturdays - not Fridays like I had always thought. I wondered why one of my pregnancy apps would tell me I started a new week of pregnancy every Saturday...

When I got my hair done the month before our wedding, my hair dresser told me my hair is a level 7 which is one of the darker shades of blonde. 

*Speaking of my due date approaching, we took that photo a few days ago so as of today my due date is only 30 days away!

Baby's size?
At 35 weeks, baby is the size of a honeydew melon, is a little over 18 inches tall and weighs about 5 and 1/4 pounds!

Days until next doc appointment?
My next appointment is tomorrow! I'll be having appointments weekly now until baby gets here (:

Total weight gain?
30.6 pounds. Holy. Moly. I can't wait to put that jogging stroller to use like good grief.
- I've still been working out for four hours a week, but it has been getting harder. I have no intentions of slowing down though. But I may be getting too preggy to shovel snow. This morning I was out there for 20 minutes just slow goin' it like, "meh. what is life. no energy." Haha

Maternity clothes?
While getting dressed this weekend:
Marlyssa: "I feel like a whale... Oh and what do you know?! I'm wearing my whale sweatshirt."
Jason: "I always thought those were surfboards."
Marlyssa: "No, those are definitely whales. See? It says CIMI on it. Catalina Island Marine Institute. They're whales."
Jason: "I don't know. Whenever I see you wearing that sweatshirt I've always thought they look like surfboards."

This continued for a while. 


It should be noted that this is my favorite sweatshirt and that I've had it since 6th grade aka half my life on this earth thus far. Also let's just have a moment of silence in appreciation for how cool growing up in California is. I mean we got to go away. on a field trip. for school. for a week. to be on an island. in the middle of the ocean. to "learn science". But let's face it: it was mostly to kayak, snorkel, and swim with the fishes. Now that is theeeee life. There's nothing more exhilarating to me than being in the ocean and swimmin with the fishies.

Stretch marks?

I'm sleeping okay. I still have some hip aches and some of that fire breathing pain in the middle of the night (meralgia paresthetica), but for the most part I've been sleeping well. I just can't seem to get enough sleep. My energy levels have been pretty low this week.

Best moment this week:
Sometimes life hands you a day when a closet door will spontaneously fall off its hinges while you're standing right in its path. Here I am, scooping out baby-friendly laundry detergent, washing one of my first loads of baby laundry when all of a sudden one of the fold out closet doors in our laundry room literally falls off its hinges and onto me.  It had been a day where our two (beloved) cats had been driving me a little nuts, so my first reaction to this heavy object coming into contact with me was that the cats had pulled off an epic feat of destruction. Come to find out that lol jk the cats are no where in sight but there is a closet door about to crush my spirit and my face. Thankfully, my cat-like reflexes stopped the door just in time to keep it from crushing my spirit and my face. I can't say the same for my confidence in bi-fold closet doors, however. 

Oh and then I burned noodles. In water. While they were boiling. Charred. To a crisp. In water. As we speak, the pan is "soaking" now. Will it recover? I don't know. This happened the same day the closet thing happened. 

Of course this wasn't the "best moment" this week, but I thought I'd share because when life gives you lemons, you slice those bad boys up and give yourself a lemon-slice grin. Why? Because it's hilarious! Who does this even happen to?! (me)  I'm going to start a club for people who have been innocently doing the laundry when their laundry room closet door decided to hate life and fall apart. I feel like we would all have a lot in common and would become instant best friends.

It's all a matter of perspective, people. Life is what you make it. 
None of us make it out alive, so you may as well go down with your burnt noodles and broken closet door laughing.

"she is clothed with strength and dignity; 
she laughs without fear of the future..."
Proverbs 31:25

Food cravings:
Haven't had any cravings this week!

Anything make you queasy or sick?
Lately I haven't been able to drink plain water. Which, when you normally drink at least 72 ounces a day kind of throws a wrench into your whole life system. And by "haven't been able to drink plain water", I mean, "I puke right after drinking it". It's a good time. So, I've been mixing Tang into my water - really watered down so that I'm not on a sugar high my entire life, but enough to give it flavor and I haven't had any problems since!

Baby hasn't been moving as much this week but that's to be expected as the baby gets bigger and starts running out of room! (: The baby still moves (throws punches, makes small "twitching" movements, has hiccups), but not as much of the "rolling" and stretching way out that made me question if a rib of mine could be broken from the inside.

Have you started to show yet?


Missing anything?
Warm weather! The sun has been out lots this week which has made me feel guilty for being inside all the time when I could be outdoors in shorts and flip flops,

Oh wait, nope. Nope. Still in Minnesota. It'll be at least three months before I can do that. I blame the beautiful sunshine. Making me think it could be warm outside. Tk.


Labor signs?
None! As the weeks wind down I start to freak out more and more about this haha. Like baby for real you have to stay put at least until March 15th or life could get a little interesting.

Belly button:
My belly button is definitely totally flat now. The very center of my belly button almost sticks out just a smidgen.

Wedding rings on or off?
I have them on always still but I have noticed them getting tight at times :(
My feet are always a little bit swollen now (barely noticeable though) and the status of my toes is that they always look like little sausages.

Happy or moody most of the time?
Happy most of the time! Although my lack of energy has made me so tired/slow to getting things done that it can be a bummer when I realize how little I actually get done by the end of the day. 

Weekly symptoms:
Very itchy bumps on my legs and arms, can't really bend over to pick things up (squats all day), lots of pee trips, acid reflux, foot pain, hip pain, back pain, leg cramps, aversion to smells, meralgia paresthetica, Braxton Hicks contractions, lots of pressure in my belly, and why on earth do my feet itch so much?! I'm guessing it has to do with them stretching out. Uuuuuugh but they're SO itchy! I feel like a bear scratching their back against a tree except with my feet and on carpet.

Looking forward to:
A long weekend with Jason! Finally three days off (: It will be so nice getting to spend more time with him and hopefully get some more projects done for the nursery (: This weekend: storage crates! We're almost finished with the closet shelves, too. I've been getting all the baby clothes washed and organized which really makes it start to look like we're going to have another person hanging out with us quite soon (:

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  1. Those are for sure whales.

    1. Exactly! I guess from a distance they could resemble surfboards. I just think it's hilarious because I wear this sweatshirt all the time and my husband was legitimately surprised when he realized they were indeed whales. lol



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