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Thursday, January 29, 2015

"Babe, your eyebrows are on point."
Reason #861 why I married the man that I did. 
He understands the things that are important to me. 

Like having good eyebrow game.


How far along?
31 weeks and 6 days!

Baby's size?
At 31 weeks, baby is about the size of a pineapple! Weighing in at about 3 and 1/3 pounds and measuring about 16 and 1/4 inches tall!

How was your last appointment?
It went well! As usual my doctor answered all of my questions and I have to say, my doctor is seriously the best. I just can't get over how much the philosophies of the hospital line up with what Jason and I believe. Baby is growing right on track for where I am in the pregnancy which is awesome! As much as I am hoping the pregnancy will stretch out a little longer (we still have so much to do to get ready for this little one!) I'm really looking forward to my next appointment. Now that they're closer together, it's really getting exciting!

Days until next doc appointment?
11 days!

Total weight gain?
21.8 pounds

Maternity clothes?
I got my belly band in the mail this week and I have to say, it's pretty awesome! It seems to help with the "heavy" feeling of baby and seems to push my pelvis forward, which, if you are or have been preggy before, you know just how much of a relief that is. Like, oy enough with the poodles already!

Stretch marks?
None! But speaking of stretching, the baby sure likes to stretch and oh my goodness does it ever feel weird when a knee (or who knows what) grazes firmly against the middle of my abs. Like kid, I love you more than pea soup, but I really don't want to end up with diastasis recti. If you've never been pregnant, google it now. You're welcome. 


Night 1: Sleep horrible. Upon waking, feel like never taking the effort to move body again.
Night 2: Sleep well only on account of being so miserably tired from the night before.
Repeat. Forever.

Best moment this week:
Getting the crib set up! Now all of the bigger things are assembled in the baby's room but we still have a bunch of little projects in the works. Jason built some book racks for me over the weekend for the nursery! I can't wait to get them painted and hung on the wall (: And yes, there will be a nursery tour/reveal sometime after the baby is born! (: 

Another awesome moment this week was figuring out how to sew a fitted crib sheet going off of custom measurements. I had found a tutorial online for sewing a fitted crib sheet a while ago, but the problem was that the fabric that I ordered wasn't quite wide enough. This involved some modifications to the measurements given in the tutorial and even required that I sew additional material to the main piece of sheet material... But after some trial and error, I got it! I have two sheets done so far and two to go. I'm just really happy because normally I suck at that kind of thing, but I got it figured out all by myself*! 

*You know you're going to be a parent when: 
Hearing "all by myself" makes you immediately think of this book...

...and not this song. Try not to get it stuck in your head all day.

Food cravings:

Except I can't exactly stomach the idea of pizza too much. But you know. Basically wanting to eat all the time, thinking about food all the time... and having to tell myself no all the time. The struggle is real. Like can't I just have a normal relationship with food again? I mean it's all I think about these days.

Anything make you queasy or sick?
Here's the kicker: I can't stop thinking about food (see above) and yet nothing repulses me more than the thought of food. Like when I'm having acid reflux, I obviously can't stand the thought of eating ever again (which is what happens every time I eat, no matter what anymore). So at the same time that I can't stop thinking of food and dreaming of when I get to eat again, I never want to eat again. It's fun.

Oh, the baby moves just fine! Trust me. Let's talk about my movement for a minute.
I have been in so much physical pain lately, it's just not even nice. The other day my feet were hurting so much and I had only been on my feet for about an hour. I'm talking, standing with my feet curled inward so that I was standing on the outside of my feet just trying to get away from the pain. And my back aches so much at times that I have to brace myself against a wall just to make sure I can still stand until the pain passes and I can walk again.
So since I've been in all this pain, I had this conversation with my husband. Naturally.

*real conversation between me and my husband*

I told you I love food.

Also, am I the only one still scarred for life over the Goosebumps book that involved a dumb waiter? Not cool man, not cool. But I may be able to get over that fear if it involves ice cream. If you think about it, the 90's were weird.*

*Not as weird as the 80's.

Have you started to show yet?
Maybe. I haven't had any experiences with that this week. (Of people noticing or not noticing.) And since it seems to change from week to week, you really never know. I did however have a nightmare that a bunch of older ladies tried reaching out for and touching my belly like a bunch of starved zombies and it was the most uncomfortable experience of my life. Thankfully, it was just a dream. Now I can save the most uncomfortable experience of my life for another, similar, experience in my waking life*! Fun!

*This is not an open invitation for this to actually happen.

P.S. If you're new here, I am well aware that in normal clothes I am indeed, showing. However, I live in the coldest part of Minnesota. So, with all my thick layers tacked on for Winter when I'm out in public, most people I encounter do not know that I'm pregnant and are surprised when they find out that I am. Which is why it's still a guessing game to me if people (ie: people in public) can actually tell or not.

Missing anything?
I miss not thinking about food 24/7 and at the same time hating it, and I miss not being in pain on a day to day basis and sleeping well (read: without pain) through the night. If anything makes the end of pregnancy start to feel like it takes forever... it's definitely the pain. But you know what? Even with all the pain, it's all worth it and I'm just gunna keep on truckin (: This is just my new normal for the next few weeks. No biggie! 


Labor signs?

Belly button:
Still an innie! It's not totally flat just yet. (:

Wedding rings on or off?
Still on all the time! I think they're just as loose on my fingers as they were on my wedding day haha. My feet do swell a little at times if I've been standing too long and sometimes they swell a little when I'm working out, but that's to be expected.

Happy or moody most of the time?
Happy most of the time! I do have a little bit of side-eyeing-Chloe going on from time to time, but you know. It's life. Like, the memes I send to my husband over text throughout the week are just so real. Like you don't even want to know. You know?

There she goes, making no sense to anyone except her husband who is once again, literally the only person who knows what she's going on about. 

But hey, even when I get aggravated it's fun. Because then I start sending Jason all of the memes making fun of the idiotic situation that I seem to find myself in. And nothing helps me feel better about a situation that's annoying me than to totally make fun of it. In the end, Jason and I always seem to get a pretty good laugh out of it. 

Weekly symptoms:
Very itchy bumps on my legs, can't really bend over to pick things up (squats all day), lots of pee trips,  fatigue from standing/doing too much in one stretch, general fatigue and tiredness, hip pain, pelvic pain, sensitivity to smell, acid reflux, rhinitis of pregnancy (nosebleeds), foot pain, carpal tunnel, back pain, sciatica

Let's talk about carpal tunnel: Right hand rendered totally useless. The silver lining here is that I am left handed so this changes nothing. Except that I can't use my right hand for anything. 
Here's to awkward T-Rex like movements until it goes away! Yay!

Also, nothing says sciatica like having pins and needles going down your leg all day long when your leg is definitely not asleep but won't stop feeling like it is. #Yes

Looking forward to:
This weekend! I'm hoping Jason and I can get a few more of our projects for the nursery done, and I'm also looking forward to finishing up the baby's crib sheets. I still have lots of sewing ahead of me after that though! It's so fun seeing the nursery come together just the way I had imagined it as I was planning it out. (:

*This has to be said in a sing-song voice or you're fired.

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  1. I'm having the same issue with wondering if people can tell I'm pregnant, due to the many clothes layers! The main time I worry about this is when I'm hobbling into Kmart or the grocery store (I totally get the sore feet thing), and I feel the person walking behind me is judging my slow movement. Makes me want to turn around and say "I'M PREGNANT! BACK OFF!". Of course, I don't. ;)

    1. As long as no one touches me, I'll be good. So it's probably a good thing that people still don't notice. I just don't now how I would react if someone reached out to touch my belly and I don't want to find out what would happen to that person (or their hand) either haha



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