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Thursday, January 1, 2015

My New Year's kiss (:


How far along?
27 weeks and 6 days!

Baby's size?
Baby is about the size of a head of cauliflower, measuring about 14 and a half inches long and weighing just under 2 pounds!

How was your last doctor's appointment?
It wasn't nearly as bad as I was thinking it would be! The glucose test was not at all terrible. I had the option of lemon lime or fruit punch flavored solution for the test. I went with the fruit punch. From what I heard afterward from the nurses and my doctor, the fruit punch was a new flavor they offered from what they've heard from women who have taken the test, the fruit punch flavor is definitely the way to go! It really just tasted like a somewhat-flat soda. Then I had my appointment with my doctor and everything went great! The baby is measuring on track for how far along I am and the heart beat was 139 beats per minute (: After my appointment, I went back to the lab for the favorite part of my day -  getting my blood taken! Ha - just kidding. When we went back to the booth where they draw blood, Jason asked the nurse if it was okay that he was there since I tend to get faint and pass out sometimes. I'm so glad he said that because the nurse asked if I'd like to have my blood drawn while laying down because it helps prevent that - and what do you know?! I hardly got woozy feeling at all! Sorry I don't have any exciting passing out stories this time haha. I got the results back from the glucose test later on and yay yay hooray! I do not have gestational diabetes. (:

Days until next doc appointment?
25 days!

Total weight gain?
18 pounds

Maternity clothes?
Less and less of my clothes are fitting haha

Stretch marks?

I'm still sleeping pretty well most of the time. There's been a few times where as I begin to doze off into sleep-land that I'll be woken up by a kick from the inside. Which makes the baby sound like a secret agent. The other night I had my first mid-sleep pregnancy leg cramp. I'm not a person that gets muscle cramps very often, but let me just say ouuuuuch and that any dream I was having just ended. 
Let's not do that again.

Best moment this week:
Spending the weekend in Minneapolis! We left to go down there the day after Christmas and spent three days there. We hit up tons of thrift stores and second hand baby clothing/gear stores while we were there because where we live, there really isn't much to write home about as far as that all goes. We got an awesome Craigslist score (an IKEA Ektorp sofa for $100!), and duh we went to IKEA while we were there (: When we were pulling up to Ikea Way to turn into the parking lot, I got all giddy and kept saying how it felt like we were going to Disneyland. Because hello, it's IKEA. Swedish Disneyland. Definitely (probably?) the happiest place on earth. Especially when you pair a Jason with a heavy duty shopping cart in a large warehouse with slick floors. (No patrons were harmed in the making of this shopping trip.
I had never checked out the "as-is" section in an IKEA before (I never really paid attention to them even having one, I guess), and guess what?! They had a white Ektorp sofa on sale for 25% off because the cushions had little people shoe prints on them. The slipcovers on the Ektorp sofas are removable and washable, so the dirt did not phase me at all. After all, I am about to have a baby and we just bought two white couches (: I read this post a while ago about having kids and white couches so if you think I'm crazy, well, maybe I am. But I agree with what the author said, and peanut butter fingers and jam hands aren't going to keep me from having white couches. So it's an extra load of laundry a week, I don't mind (:

It was also pretty awesome to see the baby again during my ultrasound! All they needed for this ultrasound was a picture of the heart, but we were also able to see baby's face for a little while after the ultrasound technician got the picture she needed. I just love seeing how much the baby is growing and how you can see more and more detail of what the baby is doing as the pregnancy progresses, like seeing the baby sucking their thumb and things like that. (:

Baby loves to move around a lot! The baby even let out a nice big kick for my doctor while she was getting the heartbeat measurement (:

Food cravings:
Still not having any food cravings really. Although, while Jason and I were in Minneapolis we were able to have, for the first time since who knows when...Panda Express. Oh. My. Gosh. It was like heaven on my tastebuds. Times 100. I'm sorry, but the Chinese places we've tried in the town we live in and in Canada are just m.e.h. Sorrynotsorry. Having grown up around awesome take out Chinese food places my whole life, I must be hard to impress when it comes to what's inside those magnificent polyhedron-shaped boxes because generally speaking, I've never been let down so hard by Chinese food until we moved up here. But having access to Panda Express again, Gloriaaaaaaaaaaaa it's like the clouds parted and all was right in the world if not for a brief moment in time.

Anything make you queasy or sick?
No, still avoiding anything tomato-ey though.

Have you started to show yet?
Here we go with this again! The public is very divided. More so leaning on the "are you sure you're pregnant?" side of life. Since we went to lots of thrift stores and baby stores buying baby clothes and baby items, I got asked a few times when I was due. When I said, "the end of March" it was met with dropped jaws on more than one occasion. To be fair, it was a lot colder this week so I was back to wearing my big Winter jacket which hides most of the little belly that I have. 

While we were in the area, we went to AT&T to switch my phone to a different plan. While we were talking with the guy who was helping us, (we'll just call him Chuck) (...since that was his name), Jason mentioned how we were in town to buy baby stuff. Chuck asked when I was due and when I said the end of March, Chuck said, "You're that far along?! Are you even showing yet?!" So I have since been inspired to name all 50 of our future children different variations of Chuck. Chuck, Chuckie, Chuck Roast, Chuck E Cheese, Chucken Noodle Soup, Chuck Taylor and Chuck Norris.  For girl names, Chuckoslovakia, Chuckpeas, Chuckita Banana, The Bride of Chuckie, Chuck-fil-a, and Chuck-slea (a variation of Chelsea). And, for the more serious of our future bunch, Charles, pronounced, "Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaalls". Pronounced just like that. In a long, drawn out butler voice. Actually, anything you say to Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaalls must be said in a long, drawn out butler voice. Bonus points if you say it in a British accent. You'll win all of the awards if you grow out a handlebar mustache and only speak to Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaalls while wearing a tux, wielding a platter of grapes and peanut butter jelly sandwiches while speaking to Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaalls exclusively in a British accent.

Missing anything?
Not really!


Labor signs?

Belly button:
Amazingly enough, it's still an innie!

Wedding rings on or off?
Still on all the time! They haven't felt tight at all lately.

Happy or moody most of the time?
Happy most of the time! (:

Weekly symptoms:
Very itchy bumps on my legs, can't really bend over to pick things up (squats all day), lots of pee trips, acid reflux, rhinitis of pregnancy (nosebleeds), fatigue from standing/doing too much in one stretch, leg cramps.

Looking forward to:
Our babymoon vacation is coming right up! It's been a little crazy coming back from our trip to the cities and then trying to get our house clean and all packed before we go on our trip, but this hectic-ness before our trip will SO be worth all the warm weather and beaches that we'll have while we're on vacation!

Would you like to see more?
Check out my other "bumpdates" below!



  1. Love this post! Your randomness is hilarious. I can't imagine how crazy your house must be sometimes with the humor of you AND your husband. You guys are cool. :) And I'm jealous of your trip to the cities and upcoming babymoon!! Enjoy it for me. haha I'm hoping for a nice vacation sometime after this crazy winter to enjoy all the things our town is lacking. And more. :D

    1. Thank you! Our house does get pretty crazy! Usually one of us is bent over laughing or I'm crying from laughter (: We have a lot of fun just being weird together (: I've heard how horribly cold it's gotten there this past week! I hope it won't last! It's even bizarre for me how warm Florida is this time of year?! It's warm enough to go swimming! I know what you mean though, Jason and I hadn't left the area (like not even to Bemidji) in several months and small town "cabin fever" definitely sets in! It's so nice going to a more populated area where there's more stuff to do (:



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