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Thursday, December 4, 2014

"Dang, your arms are huge." - Jason
Yup, I still got it. Well, barely. There's still some muscle there!


How far along?
23 weeks and 6 days!

Baby's size?
Baby is the size of a papaya! Total length of baby is 11.38 inches and the baby officially weighs a whole pound!

How was your last appointment?
It went well! So far everything is on track and my fundal height was more of a normal measurement. Still a little small, but closer to average than the last time I was measured. (: The baby's heartbeat was going strong at 151 beats a minute! My doctor had to work hard to get that reading - baby was squirming around and kicking while she tried to measure the heartbeat! Haha

My next appointment is going to be an all-day-doozy. Kicking off the festivities early in the morning is my routine lab work and then...*gulp*...the glucose test. I am not looking forward to that. It seems to be pretty awful - so much so that my doctor even apologized in advance for my upcoming suffering of drinking what is basically non-diluted soda syrup and then having to have my blood drawn afterwards. My only hope is that when I have my blood drawn after the test that all the sugar in my system will keep me from passing out this time! Haha

Then after that I have my usual doctor's appointment, and then after a brief recess for lunch I go back to have an ultrasound. At my last ultrasound the technician told me that one of the hardest pictures to take is of each ventricle of the heart. With the heart being so small and then the baby moving around it's a tough picture to take. At my last ultrasound they weren't able to get a clear picture of one of the ventricles of the heart so I'm having another ultrasound so they can try to get that picture this time and make sure everything is developing as it should be!

Days until next doc appointment?
26 days! 
26 days until sugary vomituous agony
*insert shudder here*

Total weight gain?
13 pounds

Maternity clothes?
I'm thinking that soon I should be getting myself a belly band or two. Jason likes when I wear pants but that is rare these days. I feel just a little bit silly walking around with my pants unbuttoned and hoping that my shirt covers it. Like, "Sheesh is that girl even aware that she's walking around in public with her pants unbuttoned?"
Wildly aware.

Stretch marks?

I have added yet another pillow to my growing pillow stash/fort/collection/ensemble/army. Since I have used so many pillows already, I had no choice but to use Jason's pillow to elevate my legs at night. When he got home from work last week, I explained this to him and he said, 
"So now I have no pillow?" 

Pillows: 5
Jason: 0

Best moment this week:
Hearing the baby's heartbeat is always awesome (: I also finally ordered all the fabric I will be using to make crib sheets and swaddling blankets and so forth which was a big deal for me because everything has to coordinate! haha

I feel the baby moving every day! And every now and then the baby will be moving so much that it becomes very plain to see that baby is moving when I look at my stomach. The other night the baby was moving around so much it looked like my belly had an ocean wave rolling beneath it! haha. Which by the way - as a first time mom is the most surreal thing to see! I mean, my tummy is moving on its own volition. Crazy!

Food cravings:
Sandwiches! Especially from Subway. But I make my own at home during the week. (:

Anything make you queasy or sick?
No, but bedtime acid reflux is not fun. This is where pillows numbers 1 and 4 come in handy. That and chewing gum. Lots and lots of chewing gum.

Have you started to show yet?
I still can't figure this out. Like I've said, I think all the Winter layers hide my bump so that when I'm in public, most people who don't know me would have no idea that I'm pregnant and wouldn't even guess it  if given the opportunity. This past week at church I was told that my bump is growing and they can tell "it's been getting bigger"! And then five minutes after that someone else said, "You're expecting?
See? I have no idea if I'm showing or not. The public is pretty divided on this one.

Missing anything?
Not ever having acid reflux. But we're dealing with it the best that we can!
I think Denise Austin has gotten into my head.


Labor signs?

Belly button:
Still an innie!

Wedding rings on or off?
On! I still get some slight swelling but that usually just tells me I need to be drinking more water at that moment. I drink an average of a gallon of water a day. 
Now about those constant pee-trips...

Happy or moody most of the time?
Usually happy (: Sometimes I get overwhelmed at the amount of stuff there is to do before the baby gets here, but I do my best to make progress toward the to-do's every day!

Weekly symptoms:
Very itchy bumps on my legs, can't really bend over to pick things up (squats all day), lots of pee trips, rhinitis of pregnancy (nosebleeds), acid reflux, hip pain, back pain if I stand for too long at a time, my feet have started hurting if/when I stand for too long at a time. If you've ever worked a job where you're on your feet all day, imagine being on your feet for 8-12 hours without ever sitting down. Now that pain you're imagining from standing? That can be accomplished in 30 minutes to an hour when you're pregnant haha

Looking forward to:
Our trip to Minneapolis! Yay! You have no idea! While we're down there we're going to make a trip to IKEA and scour Craigslist for awesome deals and...let's just say we're taking our 16 foot utility trailer along with us (: *To be fair we are planning on buying some couches/seating for our family room. We aren't buying that much baby stuff haha. We also like buying used furniture and restoring it. So...we might find a few treasures while we're out there! (: Also, IKEA is one of my favorite stores. Back home the closest IKEA was within 25 minutes from where I lived but now the nearest one is a five hour drive away. (: The last time we went was November 2013! Ironically, in California. So you could say I'm excited to go!

We also picked up our carpet over the weekend which means hopefully we can get it installed soon! I'm super excited about that - and yes, I did finally get all my clutter sorted through, organized, and disposed of so that there's no longer a mess upstairs! All systems are go on laying the carpet down! I'm such a dork that I smile every time I see our empty family room. Due to the way the carpet pieces will be laid out, we will have a large carpet remnant that will be big enough to re-carpet our home office too. (The carpet in here is quite sad looking.) Only downside to that venture? Our office is definitely not empty and will take a lot of moving things so the old carpet can be taken out and the new carpet can be put in. So, not quite as easy as putting carpet down in our empty family room...but it will be worth it in the end! And yes I will be taking many before and after pictures once that process gets going. (: 

Would you like to see more?
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  1. Don't get too worried about the glucose test. I'm actually about a week behind you, but had my glucose test back in October due to some family history (and turned out to be a good thing, because I was diagnosed with early gestational diabetes). It doesn't taste great, but it is definitely manageable. The waiting part was worse than drinking the stuff! ;)

    I found out what we're having, and based off some of the things you've said I have my guesses that we might be having the same gender... ;)

    P.S. Sorry to be a creeper. I somehow came across your blog because we live near each other, and have been following your pregnancy since our due dates are so close. :)

    1. Thanks! I'll try not to worry too much about it. I've heard that the orange flavor isn't completely terrible. The part I'm least looking forward to is having my blood taken. I usually get close to or end up passing out - not my idea of a fun time! Haha

      I guess we'll see! I've read a lot of the usual old wives tales about carrying high/low, if you got nauseous or not, what kinds of foods you crave, etc meaning you'll have one or the other sex… For me, the symptoms I've had seem to be pretty divided (:

      It seems like everyone is getting pregnant around where I live! I know a few people who are due within a few days or a week of me as well. Congrats to you on your pregnancy! And thanks for checking out my blog. (:



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