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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

22 weeks pregnant chalkboard baby bumpdate

Not sure if actually turning into a pumpkin or if shirt is just making it look that way...


How far along?
22 weeks and 5 days (:

Baby's size?
Baby is about the size of a spaghetti squash this week, measuring 11 inches long and weighing in at 15 ounces!

Days until next doc appointment?
5 days (:

Total weight gain?
10.2 pounds

Maternity clothes?
Let's have a bit of a fireside chat, shall we? No really. It's cold outside and my fingers are still half numb from taking tons of pretty photos this morning (that's one awesome thing about Winter up here -  it's stinking gorgeous). Remember how I said I was going to have to sacrifice all stealthy moves and element of surprise as Winter approached and I would be forced to wear my snow pants everywhere I go? 

Here are those exact snow pants.

I'm not sure why I thought these would last me until my due date.

Stretch marks?
Zip! Zilch! Zero! Nada!

I usually sleep well but sometimes I wake up with some hip pain from sleeping on one side for too long. No biggie (:

Best moment this week:
Getting to spend lots of time with Jason in the garage working on some of our furniture projects and taking measurements in the baby's room to see where stuff should go... (:

This little one is definitely on some kind of schedule! I can almost know when to expect what times of day I'll be feeling the baby move around (:

Food cravings:
I haven't had any strong cravings really, just eating the usual. (: 

Anything make you queasy or sick?
Not queasy or sick, but there's certain things that give me acid reflux so I've definitely had to cut back on the Spaghetti-O's. 


Have you started to show yet?
Yep! I'm thankful for all the Winter layers so that (maybe) I can avoid random people trying to get a hold of my belly haha

Missing anything?
No, but I realized this week that I am going to miss feeling the baby move around in my tummy once the baby is here!


Labor signs?

Belly button:
Still an innie! Jason thinks it'll only be that way for a couple more weeks though haha

Wedding rings on or off?
They still fit! But this Sunday when we were at church, my fingers were so swollen that I could barely take them off. (I play with my rings a lot and happened to notice how snug they were.) When I managed to pull them off, there was a very noticeable dent where my rings were. But I might have just been hot or not hydrated enough at the time because they fit the way they normally do now!

Happy or moody most of the time?
Mostly happy but I still get emotional a lot more than I normally do. Sometimes the strangest things drive me to the brink of tears. Like remembering a special song on the way to church. 
Or making hard boiled eggs.

Weekly symptoms:
Very itchy bumps on my legs, can't really bend over to pick things up (squats all day), lots of pee trips, rhinitis of pregnancy (nosebleeds), acid reflux, heartburn, pelvic pain, hip pain, back pain if I stand for too long at a time, my feet have started hurting if/when I stand for too long at a time

Looking forward to:
I'm looking forward to getting more of our furniture projects in the garage worked on and completed! I'm also looking forward to putting the nursery together and getting everything all ready for baby's arrival. Since we are doing all of our shopping for baby when we make our trip out to Minneapolis in a few weeks, we haven't bought much of anything for the baby yet. But this weekend we did buy a trash can that I'm going to use for a diaper pail! It's one of those step trash cans and it was on a ridiculous sale price and I knew I wouldn't be able to find something like it for less, so we got it! That and since I'm sewing my own washable/reusable diaper pail liners, I kind of need the trash can to know what size to make them haha (: Yes, only a mom/mommy-to-be could get this excited about diaper pail liners hahaha

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