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Thursday, November 20, 2014

"Look! It's a meteor crater! Wait...no. That's just a preggy's belly button." 


How far along?
21 weeks and 6 days (: Somehow being 22 weeks tomorrow makes me feel waaaay further along than being 21 weeks haha. 

Baby's size?
Baby is as long as a carrot! 10 1/2 inches long and 12 1/2 ounces.

Days until next doc appointment?
11 days!

Total weight gain?
10.8 pounds.

Maternity clothes?
So I put my maternity leggings from last week to the test (layered with my warm fuzzy leggings) and oh my goodness. Total game changer. Having that extra layer blocks out the wind chill that was making the leggings and maxi skirt combo not warm enough for the cold of Minnesota. By the way California, how are you doing with your 60 degree days? 
My sister tells me it's freeeeezing
Well it's 9 degrees here and windy, so. You know. It actually is freezing.

This weather is good for the soul.
Or that's what I tell myself.

Stretch marks?

You know, waking up at 4am actually doesn't bother me anymore? 
(This actually isn't sarcasm.)
It just means I get to take a nap later in the day!

Best moment this week:
Feeling some very WHOA THERE movement. At one point it felt like baby's foot was going to emerge out my abdomen through my spleen. 
I'm sure of it.

Tons of movement from our little person (:

Food cravings:
Oatmeal. Eggs. Hashbrowns and bacon. 
Unfortunately my body does not agree with the latter.

Anything make you queasy or sick?
Still not big on meat, and due to my recent stints with heartburn and acid reflux I've been avoiding anything tomato-ey.

Have you started to show yet?
Yup! But with all the layers you have to wear when you go out I doubt the unknowing observer would have a clue haha

Missing anything?
Hmm...not too much really.


Labor signs?

Belly button:
Is it weird that I have kicked myself on more than one occasion for not knowing the depth of my belly button before pregnancy so I could see if it's actually becoming less shallow?

Wedding rings on or off?
On (:

Happy or moody most of the time?
This week was kind of touch and go. Overall I would say I've been happy, but there were a number of days where I just felt sad and I have no idea why. Probably a combination of hormones and letting certain things get to me. I do appreciate all the prayers we've been getting from friends and family since my last post. (: It means a lot!

Weekly symptoms:
Very itchy bumps on my legs, can't really bend over to pick things up (squats all day), lots of pee trips, rhinitis of pregnancy (nosebleeds), acid reflux, heartburn, pelvic pain, hip pain

Looking forward to:
Making things for the baby! I plan on sewing all my own crib sheets, burp cloths, cloth wipes, receiving blankets and so forth and I just started buying some of the materials (: It should help keep me busy as far as getting ready for the baby goes until we can make our trip to Minneapolis around Christmas and get all the other stuff we need! (: Jason and I have been working on some furniture projects in our garage here and there also. I am so excited for the project I'm working on! I'll probably have a post on it when it's done...but it could be a few weeks until it's finished so don't get too excited (: The project in question has only been sitting in our garage for several months now already.  It's nice to get some projects worked on with my best friend! (: If you've seen the inside of our garage either in person or from Jason sending you pictures you know our life is like this:

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