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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

For those who missed my blog about how we told 
Jason's parents about baby, click here to read that post
And if you missed the post about how we told my parents, click here

This is part three of my three-part series on how we told my parents, how we told Jason's parents, and how we told the rest of our families about baby! Coming up with creative ideas to announce the pregnancy was something I spent a lot of time on, so I thought sharing how we announced the baby news on my blog would be a great idea! I will still be doing my weekly bumpdate blogs during this time, so stay tuned for the 19 week bumpdate later on this week! (:


The final piece of the puzzle was telling Jason's siblings and my extended family the news about the newest addition to our family. After we told Jason's parents, we headed off to give out pregnancy announcement cards to Jason's siblings. They all live close by so we were able to hand deliver them all! (: 

Once the siblings knew, I began mailing out pregnancy announcement cards to my extended family. After that, Jason and I made a few calls to close friends before we officially announced the news on Facebook!

Since we had kept the baby news a secret between just the two of us for six weeks, it was a little nerve-wracking as we began to tell people since we've never announced something like this before! Haha. But it has been such a positive experience and we are so grateful to our family and friends who have been an encouragement and support to us as we dive into this exciting new stage of life. It's truly going to change us forever! (:


I designed the cards myself using free fonts (information on the fonts used below) and gathered inspiration from pregnancy announcement cards I had seen on etsy. The design is gender neutral with Springtime colors for a Springtime baby, the banner text and uppercase text add a juvenile touch while the "and" and "by" chalkboard-style saloon font adds a vintage and quirky feel. 

The outside of the card says, 
"You... Me... ...And baby makes three."
and the inside of the card (which is folded inside out for the sake of picture taking) says,
"Marlyssa and Jason are expecting! Baby Krahn due to arrive by Easter 2015"

I designed the cards on Word (seriously) and printed them out at home on blank 5x7 folded card stock greeting cards that I purchased from eBay here.


The fonts I used for this card are free downloadable fonts from dafont.com
The fonts can be found by clicking on the link below each image:

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