how to convince your husband that a swimming pool in the front yard is a good idea

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"Why are you looking at me like I'm crazy? I am a normal, well-adjusted human being."

This is a common saying in the Krahn household.
9 times out of 10 I'm the one saying this to my husband and the other time out of ten I'm still the one saying this to my husband.

Jason usually hears me saying this after I finish explaining an idea I have that surpasses all reason and general understanding and usually causes him to scratch his head and furrow his brow and stare at me for a long time as if he's imagining the possibility of me having escaped out of a straightjacket at an earlier time in life.

Except for this one time. Recently, we decided that it's finally looking "Springy" enough around here to take our Spring newlywed pictures. We've been taking pictures for every new season for our first year of marriage. It's cheesy and I love it. (I'll post some of the Spring pictures soon!)

It has been raining a lot lately, so what a surprise it was to me when we walked out onto our large grassy lawn and in my very open, very strappy sandals I stepped in a puddle that was about a foot deep.
Not literally a foot deep, but my foot was totally submerged in water. Cold water.

I threw a joke out into the stratosphere, and with no sincerity at all, that we should just put a pool in the front yard since it wouldn't take much more water than what was already out there. Like I said, I wasn't being serious or anything. Because who puts a pool in their front yard? #weirdos

But here's the thing. I am not normal, though I would like to think that out of the two of us, I am the more normal one. Because once I said, "we should just put a pool in the front yard" and looked at him, it was like seeing this:

And he's the one that stares at me like I'm a weirdo when I say I'm a normal, well-adjusted human being.

We've kind of thrown around the idea of having a pool some day at this house because I love swimming. I've been swimming since before I could stand. My best friend's mom growing up always called us mermaids and I think anyone who knew us knew that it was a very fitting title for how much we loved being in the water.

Back home in California, if you didn't have a swimming pool in your own backyard, it meant befriending the nearest neighbor with a pool and casually inviting yourself over every day that it's too hot to sit around (which was every day). And if you did have a pool, you were in it every day from the moment the sun broke over the horizon because it's already 90 degrees at 8 in the morning. 

But not very many people have pools up North here (and even more can't swim it seems like), so I get it if people around here don't understand the mortal agony of not being able to swim in the Spring and Summer. The best I can do to describe to the Northerners what it feels like to not have a place to swim after swimming your whole life is this: imagine a world without any place to play or watch hockey, anywhere. Then the only way to see a bunch of Canadians shoving wooden sticks in each other's faces, knocking each other's teeth out would be in the unlikely and highly unfortunate event that a Tim Horton's were to close. Did I ever tell you about the time a rogue puck came flying out of a hockey arena at great speed and I felt it go sailing through my hair? True story. I have Jason and about five of his friends as witnesses. 

And that is why I do my best to pay attention during hockey now.

But now that Summer is on its way, I've been itching to swim. Back home I would swim almost every day from May through September. So how awesome would it be to have a pool in our yard?! It's definitely not at the top of any "to do" list of ours (or anywhere near the top of the "to do" list for that matter because it would be crazy expensive to put in an in-ground pool), but it's definitely on that "wouldn't it be awesome if..." and "maybe some day" list. (Hey! It's free to dream!)

But here he is. My husband, standing in our front yard, working out the possibility of putting a pool there. Right there. 
In the front yard. 

Look at him. Evaluating. Calculating. A pool.
In the front yard.

You might be thinking, "Why the heck not just put a pool in the backyard ya bunch 'a hillbillies?!"
Here's the thing, and thanks for the sentiment by the way, our driveway wraps around the back of the house where the garage is. Then there's a large shop (the "barn") out back that breaks up our backyard into two pieces. The part of the backyard that is visible from the house is relatively small and already has a fire pit and a garden in it. It would just be "too much going on" in one space to put a pool there, on top of everything else.

But then we have this humungous front yard that we don't do anything with except mow it to make it look pretty.

For a while now we've planned to a make hedge of trees lining the sides of our property. So if we ever did put a swimming pool in the front yard, we would just add a hedge of trees going across the front of our property to make a line of privacy for the pool from the road. We have two sliding glass doors on the front side of our house that open onto a big deck that faces the front yard, so in that way it's kind of a perfect place to have a pool as well.

So there you have it. The way to convince your husband that a pool in the front yard is a good idea is to simply make a joke about it and let it be his great idea.
And then that way since it sounds totally crazy, you get off scot-free from any "crazy person" allegations from the neighbor-folk.

When really, you're just crazy enough to think it's a great idea too.


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  2. It's actually a great idea, if you'd ask me. With enough modification on your yard, a frontyard pool should work like a backyard one, although the backyard one offers more privacy, more often than not. Pool parties are great way to foster relationships with the community and family. Anyway, hopefully your husband realizes how good thing having a pool is, and makes it happen! Good luck!

    Stella Hammond @ Palm City Pools

  3. I joked with my husband about making the pond we have on the side of our house into a pool. A few days later, I have a construction crew excavating, what use to be a sanctuary for our Koi fish, into a 7 feet deep pool. Now that it's complete, I love it! It was our first summer having it and we had parties galore!

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