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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I'm that adult (" adult ") who awaits Saturday morning garage sales with the same eager anticipation as a child looking forward to watching Saturday morning cartoons. A few days before Saturday, I start checking out the local garage sale listings and make a game plan of how to tackle them all on Saturday morning in the most efficient way possible. It's amazing how fast the good stuff sells so I always try to get to garage sales as early as I can!

This past Saturday we ended up sleeping in for once, but I still managed to find a few goodies!

- Set of three candle holders $4.00
- Buttermilk wooden painted sign $0.50
- Antique wind-up clock $1.00
- Two wire baskets $0.75
Garage Sale Shop-til-You-Drop Shopping Spree Total: $6.25

-If you asked me what the style of our house is, I would say "Romantic Farmhouse". I just love how well the candle holders and the wooden sign go together.
-The clock does have a broken piece (see top of the clock) but I honestly don't think it's that noticeable from a distance and for a dollar?! The clock itself still works and everything. It was made in Germany so I have this little inkling of a feeling that whoever bought it in the first place paid a little more than a dollar for it. I just love the white and gold. I didn't even notice until after I bought it, but under the timepiece, there are two little cherubs formed into the clock. (Look closely!) I'm thinking this will go great in the office but I haven't decided yet.
-And lastly, the baskets. Lately, Jason and I have been working on our office/my crafting room a lot more, trying to get that room finished, so I've been working on finding better ways to store my fabric and craft supplies as we get closer to completing it. I thought these baskets would work great for storing smaller pieces of fabric or maybe rolls of ribbon or who knows! (: They just need to be washed up (they're a little dirty) but then they'll be as good as new.

I just love finding bargains, especially since Jason and I are still very much starting out as far as making our house into a home goes. And perusing garage sales is a good way to do just that if you ask me!

Are you a garage sale junky like me? Have you ever found something that you immediately fell in love with on a perfect stranger's front lawn?
Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Garage Saling!
(or cartoon watching, whichever your fancy.)


  1. You have found some neat things - I don't dare go to garage sales, I am trying to pare down here. I am always making things too but the garden and yard are keeping me from that now. It is great fun to be on the gathering side of life but we have great peace and contentment where we are, thank God.

    I always enjoy your blog. Blessings to you and Jason!

    1. I know what you mean! Jason and I are planning on having a garage sale this Summer. It will feel really good to get rid of extra things that are just becoming clutter. (: Thanks for reading my blog! I appreciate it!!(:



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