Thursday, March 6, 2014


Back home that meant that the air was finally getting warm again,
the smell of flowers already blooming with the smell of spring would come wafting through the windows that you could finally open after a few long months of having them shut from the cold.
Little did I know...

Apparently March is around when Winter is supposed to be kissing us goodbye for good (just kidding there is this thing called November where all this just happens all over again).
And while it has been warming up here a lot lately, I've somewhat resigned myself to the fact that the snow will be here forever.
Then that way if it ever does actually warm up, I can be pleasantly surprised.

It's almost every day now that I ask Jason,

"So, does it actually get warm here? Like hot? Is it ever warm enough at night to go outside without a coat on? Is it humanly possible to sweat in Minnesota? What is warm? Does it really exist? Am I living in the Twilight Zone? Who really needs snow other than polar bears? Minnesota doesn't have polar bears. So, does it ever actually get warm here?"

He claims it gets hot here. Like 90 degrees hot.
Color me skeptical.

Here's the thing. We moved here just as Fall was starting. And Fall in Minnesota is real you guys. It's not California Fall where, "I'll wear a light cardigan in the morning but move on to shorts and a tank top by noon and go tanning and swimming with my besties because it's still 100 stinking degrees out.". No. It gets cold (for this native Californian). And then we moved right on into Winter about halfway through November. And not just any Winter, my friends. The worst Winter in several decades. 
Have I ever mentioned that I live in the coldest town in America? Really. At any given time, the town I live in is the coldest town in all of America. Yes, even Alaska. Yes, it's been colder here than the North Pole on many occasions. The town slogan is "the icebox of the nation", and for good reason. It's recently been called one of the 7 coldest places on the entire stinking earth to live. Next to only a few places in Russia, and a town called Hell, in Norway. 
I can't even handle the irony.
One could say I'm kind of dealing with some minor trust issues with the state of Minnesota now.


A couple weeks ago, Jason and I braved marching out into our backyard and two feet of snow to get in front of all these pretty Wintery trees. The snow on my pants is how high of snow we had to wade through for a couple hundred feet to get to this spot. I may have fallen once due to my inability to lift my leg high enough over the snow to take another step. And there was lots of running back and forth involved, due to the whole self-timer thing, but I love these pictures even though most of the ones of us are a little awkward due to not being sure when the picture was being taken and having to pose superfast to make it before the shutter clicked. 

One thing about Spring is that once it starts getting warmer again, I'll have to put more effort into my outfits other than "jeans" and "the puffy black jacket".
Considering this has been my mainstay for the past several months, this could be a bit of a problem.

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