the new {old} chairs

Monday, January 27, 2014

-   -   -

This past weekend, Jason and I drove two hours to a used furniture store and I spotted the most beautiful chairs.

These aren't those chairs.

Ever since buying our own home and finally being able to design a house the way I've always wanted to, the idea of re-purposing some of the most out of date, out of style furniture has been something on the forefront of my mind.

It's too bad it couldn't be on the forefront of my mind sooner, like when we were still living in California, because now the nearest thrift store {with a decent furniture selection} is two hours away.
Back where I used to live there was a thrift store or three every handful of miles.

It's sufficient enough to say I will be doing some {major} thrift store shopping when we fly out to California again. {And my parents can bring it up with them in their van when they drive up here for Summer. Booya.}

So here's the thing.
And here's why those chairs aren't the chairs I spotted.

I have this thing with indecision.
And spending money where it's not necessary.

When I see something I like somewhere, it's hard to tell if my liking it is due to an impulsive feeling of "need" or if it's because it's actually something I like and that we could {and would} use.
And in my indecision, I stand there looking at whatever it is,
pace around it a few times
give it some good side eye
walk away
and come back again,
usually only to decide that if I can't make up my mind, it's probably better to go without buying it.

Usually this works in my favor.
Because usually when I see something I like at a store it turns out that it is that impulsive feeling of "need" and walking away from buying whatever it is feels fine.

This didn't.

Unfortunately I didn't figure that out until we got home and I was lying awake in bed kicking myself for not buying the chairs.

They were these gorgeous, mid-century tufted cane chairs with cobalt blue velvet upholstery.
They bore a striking resemblance to this, except the fabric was even brighter blue and it covered the top rim of the chair and continued down the back of the chair instead of stopping {like this chair, except cobalt blue velvet instead of pea-soup green}.

Now don't get me wrong,
the chairs would need sanded,
the wicker mesh would need to be fixed or torn out because they had some holes in them
and the upholstery would need to be replaced {because germs},
but there was something about them.

-   -   -

In the middle of the night while I lay awake thinking about the cobalt blue chairs, Jason woke slightly. I told him in this moment {hoping that telling someone would help me fall asleep} that I was very sorry to have to tell him that,

"I regret not getting those chairs."

And so the next morning we went.
Two hours one way to the used furniture store.
{this is the kind of trouble my indecision gets me in}

Jason called the store before we left to make sure the chairs would still be there, but that was just one mistake of many. {the first mistake being: not buying them the first time I saw them}
I had this feeling {and so did he} that we should have left early so we would be there when the store opened instead of waiting for the store to open and call to make sure they were still there, and then drive two hours.

Because when we got there, we asked a worker if they knew where the chairs were,
and he happily told us that they "Just went out the back!" and that someone had bought them that  morning. {I thought his eagerness when he told us the chairs we had asked about were gone was poor retail-working etiquette on his part, but that's just my lowly opinion after working retail myself.}

So I was bummed.
Really bummed.
I scanned the room overlooking all the matted down cushions of floral couches that had been well loved since the 80's, and knew that those chairs I had loved were a once in a blue moon kind of thing amongst the sea of worn-out, well used sofas that fill every thrift store I've ever been in.

We browsed the store just in case the worker had been thinking of another set of blue chairs but we didn't find them because they were indeed gone.

When we got back to Jason's truck I decided to see if there were any other used furniture stores nearby like it.
An hour away {even farther away from our house} there was another one that would be closing soon.
We made it to the store in time and within seconds we spotted these two chairs.

Sure, they aren't the same exact shape as the chairs I saw, and neither are they cobalt blue.
But they are in better condition from the get-go than the other chairs were and I'm really starting to love them the more I look at them.
And you'll never believe that we got them both for just over $50! Not each, both!

Now I just have to learn how to reupholster stuff.
{and find cobalt blue velvet somewhere}

ps: These photos are taken with my new camera! It's a Nikon D5300 and these are not edited because I'm waiting to get some editing software before I can do all that. I love how pictures come out on it! Soooo much better than taking photos with my iPhone! (;


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  2. Have you heard of the Anderson's fabric outlet in Blackduck? Go to Blackduck, on the way to Bemidji and it is the center of town - a very small town. 71 South from I'Falls. They have remnants from upholstery, drapes, and bedspreads, and they sell it by the pound. If you take time and look look look you can end up with a goodly amount of the same fabric and it is all very high quality. AND they have a basement with rolls of fabric. Have FUN!!

    You sound a lot like I am in regard to indecision. I am a neighbor of your in-laws, whom I love dearly. They told me about your blog. Yay. I am on Facebook - Jean Clink

    1. No I haven't! But thanks for letting me know! I'll definitely have to check it out the next time we go through there. I'm sure I could find something for the chairs!! I just love stores like that.
      Thanks for checking out my blog!(:



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