the first annual krahn christmas tree hunt

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

On Sunday afternoon, Jason and I drove out to his parents' house to find ourselves a Christmas tree for our first Christmas together as a married couple. We've dubbed it as The First Annual Krahn Christmas Tree Hunt. Say that five times fast. One fun thing about living in the country is that if you or someone you know has Christmas trees in their yard and are willing to part with one, you can get your tree for free! Jason's parents have 160 acres of land, so we figured there must be one somewhere.

We wandered around for a while, taking notes of trees that might do. When I saw this one. It was just the right height, it was darker green than a lot of the other trees we had considered, its branches pointed upward, and it had a good amount of branches to be our Christmas tree. We took note of it, and wandered some more. But everything else was too tall, had too few branches, or was the wrong species of tree and would drip sap all over my nice reclaimed hardwood floors, so we went back to this little guy, who has since been affectionately named Randal. We call him Randy, because we're friends.

Christmas tree snow winter paint the barn red
Christmas tree snow winter paint the barn red
Christmas tree snow winter paint the barn red
Christmas tree snow winter

Look at his enthusiasm. I'm so glad I caught that boyish grin as the tree toppled over. 
This is why we love him.

Christmas tree snow winter
Christmas tree black and white snow winter


Christmas tree bokeh

It was so exciting to get our own tree. Since growing up, we always had an artificial tree but I always loved the smell and look of a real one. And this is also Jason's first tree too!  We brought our tree home that night and decorated it while we listened to Michael Buble's Christmas album. We love Michael Buble and he's kind of our favorite artist on most days. (By this, I definitely mean Jason likes his music too, but I'm the one who is strangely obsessed.)

We spent some time over the past few days decorating the inside of our house with extra twinkly lights since we probably won't have time this year to put lights on the outside of the house. But it looks really pretty and we are really getting into the Christmas spirit! I love Christmas. So much.

I'll have a post up tomorrow with some of the decorations for the tree we put up!

We have a few projects going on in our house at once and I am so happy to be coming to a close with some of them. Like our guest bedroom is almost done being painted. Remember the elaborate painting job I mentioned in this post? That's the one. It's been over two weeks and it's almost done.
I can't wait to get it all together and take pictures later!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. This made my day to read this beautiful experience for your precious new family!! XOXO Love, Heather

    1. Thanks, Heather! I'm so glad it could! We're having a blast going through this new season of life and starting new traditions together!



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