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Monday, December 2, 2013

This is our new cookware set my dad and grandma gave Jason and I as an early Christmas present. {see below my adoration for them} We've been married for three and a half months and we still didn't have any pots or pans...  
I'm pretty sure they could be a "please don't raise your future children like wolves" kind of gift.

Making : the house slowly come together and become a cozy home {instead of it looking like a high school runaway's den}
Cooking : all the things! {once my new cookware set is on the same page as me: it makes wonderful food, and I will clean it nicely and pat it on its glass lid for a job well done.}
Drinking : water. other than our elaborate stash of sparkling cider, water is the only thing I drink.
Reading : I was reading Anna Karenina, but then I got engaged... and married... and moved... ...I'm sure that book is around here somewhere.
Wanting : the guest bedroom to be done being painted. Not to sound like a total loofus, but the painting in there is elaborate. Worth it, but elaborate. It's going to take a while.
Looking: forward to going on another amazing trip with Jason this Spring!
Playing: with cats is what gets you ahead in life
Wasting: paint when I change my mind about the color for a room. at this rate I will still be painting our house when the kids we don't have yet are thirty.
Sewing: I was sewing curtains for our family room, but then I burned myself out and decided I would never sew again. Our family room can have drapes on half the windows, right?
Wishing: I would see our house clean and put together in my lifetime. Houses should have a rinse cycle
Enjoying: The Christmas season!
Waiting: for Jason to come home from work so we can watch the rest of the walking dead!
Liking: how everything is coming together, slowly but surely. It's exciting when I get a room finished and put together.
Wondering: if houses could one day have a rinse cycle
Loving: these cookies my momma-in-law made. what.is.life. I give up on everything. Except my cookware set. I'm going to go hug it now.
Hoping: to get our Christmas tree soon! We get to cut ours down on our own and it's the first time I'll ever have had a real tree for Christmas! so.excited.
Marveling: at the snow! I still can't get over it
Needing: to choose a wedding photo for our Christmas cards this year. Either that or send out two different kinds and have it like a "collect them all" type so our family will think we're more nuts than we already are
Smelling: cookies and paint. not intentionally.
Wearing: painting jeans and an Angels t-shirt because paint.
Following: Jesus!
Noticing: That while I think I'm hilarious on any given day, I am only able to move Jason to tears from laughing once in a blue moon. I got him to laugh that hard yesterday and I'm still pretty excited about it.
Knowing: that it's ok that I'm behind on things. We have a lot going on, so it's ok to take things one day at a time.
Thinking: about my work out this morning, painting and cleaning!
Feeling: so excited for this season of our life, feeling so excited to be married to the love of my life and getting to paint our house fifty shades of cray.
Bookmarking: laundry rooms. mine has a personal vendetta against me so it must be dealt with accordingly.
Opening: paint cans is all I ever do anymore
Giggling: I only giggle when I'm hyper and laughing just for laughing's sake. Otherwise I have a silent laugh when I'm preeeetty sure Jason thinks its borderline creepy so I do it all the more.
Feeling: thankfulness/comfort/love

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