our at-home date night

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Last night I surprised Jason by moving a large (and heavy) area rug from the upstairs family room and brought it down stairs. It makes our living room feel much more cozy and "lived in", in a good way.

Perfect for naps.
If you're a cat.

When he got home, we made dinner and watched The Office together.

Something about Jason and I that is so strikingly different is that I have a fairly good mental "database" of television and movies, while he... 
Since getting married, he's been recognizing actors all over the place. 
In movies, I mean. 
Not in Minnesota.
No one famous lives in Minnesota.
In other words, before a week ago, he had never seen an episode of The Office.
Not Jim, not Pam, not the likes of Michael Scott, or even Michael Scarn.
So we're going through the whole series from the beginning. 
And it. 

It was a wonderful mini at-home date night, with our cozier living room,
and with the tree up and twinkle lights all around.


I had also been working on a tree skirt.
Originally, I was making something that was cream colored with a different color trim, but when that didn't go as expected,
I decided simple is better anyway.

I cut up some extra curtain fabric, sewed some ribbon around the edges and some ribbon in the back to tie the opening closed, and within a half hour I had a beautiful tree skirt,
while the other one I had been trying to make was just giving me migraines.

Jason and I are driving three hours to take our kitten, Daisy to the vet. 
(You read right California friends, three hours one way.) 
The vet is located in a large town, so while we are there and since she will be at the vet for a majority for the day (spay and neuter your pets!), we'll do some exploring and some last minute Christmas shopping.
Like at a mall. An actual mall
We don't have those here.
I haven't been this excited to go to a mall since I was thirteen.


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