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Saturday, December 21, 2013

It's an interesting thing living in a quirky house.
You can't go too long before something completely unexpected comes out and surprises you.

Our house is red on the outside.
It's as simple as that.

But from what we have learned as we have gone through and painted several rooms in the house is that... most of the rooms were at one point red (inside) too.

But we make other discoveries from time to time too,
like the sweet messages drawn into the Mediterranean plaster that covers the walls of what was once a boy's bedroom.
In one corner, there in beautiful cursive handwriting it reads,

"your mommy loves you"

We discovered that one door in the entire house was placed on the wrong side of the door frame,
that one day the windows and doors will all need to be replaced,
some of the base boards were never actually nailed or attached to the wall...
That this entire house really was made from reclaimed everything...

But we love our house because it keeps us on our toes.

As I mentioned in this post, I thought it would be nice to surprise Jason by moving the huge 800 pound* area rug from the upstairs family room to the downstairs living room.  {Slight exaggerations aside, it was heavy. I kept telling myself as I was moving it that I would never need to do this again.}

Our family room was never carpeted, so the floor consisted in being covered by two large rugs. One of them is just a carpet remnant, but the other one is a really nice rug that I had mentioned bringing downstairs to make the living room more cozy since we will be carpeting the family room sometime anyway.

As I moved things off the rug and began to roll it up to take it down stairs,
Something red,
very red,
made itself visible onto what should have been yellow-painted wood.

Right there on the floor before me:
A rug.
A painted rug.
With stars on it.

I stood there, trying to imagine this large room as it would have been at one point:
all red, complete with a red painted rug.

While maneuvering the rolled-up rug down the hallway and around our U-shaped stairs (the rug is literally 20 feet by 12 feet), a loud clunk came from under the rug.


I looked around.
I had no idea what it was.
So I ignored it.

Once I had moved the furniture,
made some excellent discoveries after moving the couch,
laid the rug down,
and moved the furniture back again,
I came back upstairs and discovered the source of the loud clunk.

A base board on its side.

The fallen board only revealed another new surprise.

Ocean waves

When Jason came home, I showed him the newest discoveries I had made in our home.
Upon closer inspection, he noticed that under the hardwood floor, the wood was painted blue. 
Ocean waves, indeed.

His guess is that this house was built on a budget,
which we had kind of already figured based on everything being reclaimed
And that the original owners of this house who actually built the entire thing themselves probably lived without  flooring of any kind for a while, so they painted the bare floor as a way to make life interesting until they could get the hardwood floors and carpeting.


Every time we find a new little surprise like this, it might confuse us for a moment,
but in the end it reminds us to not take life so seriously
That under these layers of paint
and under the floor we tread on
is a story.

A story of a family that loves each other

Enough to have the kids help paint ocean waves on the floor
And a rug reminiscent of Andy's room from Toy Story
because they knew one day the boards would come in 
and the paint would be covered
but the memories would still be there.

 On the wall by the closet in that same boy's room
are more scribbles in the Mediterranean plaster:
two traced hand prints.
One says "Dad"
The other says "Mom"
And our hands fit perfectly inside. 

Life isn't about perfection,
but the legacy you leave behind
and the ability to touch others
even if you've never met
so that they can see your light
and carry your legacy forward into the next generation.

Yeah, it's a little different,
and it's a little quirky,
but it keeps us on our toes.


Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.
Matthew 5:16 

In memory of Marco Kauffman
Rest in peace with the Father
May your legacy be a light to this world

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