Christmas recap

Thursday, December 26, 2013

This year was not only our first Christmas together as a married couple, but it was also my first white Christmas! Ever! It was hard to believe it was 80 degrees and sunny back in my hometown (even though that's completely normal...) while it was barely in the positive digits up here. I don't know if I remember what 80 degrees feels like anymore. But it was so magical to wake up and see the snow gently falling down outside our windows. (:

We had a wonderful Christmas with Jason's whole family. We had lunch and a gift exchange together, followed by some of the guys playing hockey at a nearby outdoors rink while some of the kids went sledding down a large snow pile. It was too cold to just stand around and watch hockey, so naturally I went sledding too, got snow in my jacket, face, sweater, and pants and froze equally. It was a lot of fun though! It was good to spend some time with three of my nephews and one of my nieces who were sledding! It's amazing how quick you can just fall in love with shorter people. They're too cute for words. My sister-in-law and I left early along with some of the shorter people because of our partially frozen state (microwave until thawed evenly) and everyone back at my parent's-in-law's house helped make dinner.

Or, supper as they call it in the North.
And lunch is called dinner here.

And they drive on the opposite side of the road.

...Okay. They don't.
But what if they did?

After dinner, we all played a fun game together and then sang some Christmas songs. When we got home, we Skyped with my family back in California and spent some time with them that way.

Jason had the day off from work today too, so we ran a bunch of errands and then spent time together relaxing and watching The Office. 


Speaking of which, I am beyond myself in trying to figure out a paint color for our office.
Originally it was "my" office since pretty much everything in it is ...mine in a very real way. I get that we're married and "what's mine is yours" and all that, but I'm not sure if Jason wants to claim halfsies of ownership of my plethora of fabric. Or ribbons. Or buttons. Or thread and bobbins. Or my hot glue gun.
It's basically my crafting room.

But now that he has his own business again, he needs to do paperwork and all that fun boring stuff that everyone likes to do, and he needs a place to do it and it's kind of silly for me to use this space all to myself when he could use it as well.

If I failed to mention,
our office is currently bubblegum pink.

So we rolled out the taupe on a section of the wall.

It's horrible.

It looks like chocolate.
Which means we're one color away from having Neapolitan ice cream walls.
Except if you think about it, the trim is a cream color...

So we tried using the taupe paint (that I was so sure of that we bought a gallon of it) elsewhere in the house. But it's like a chameleon. Where it may look like chocolate in one room, it's grayish linen color in another, and basically identical to the very light tan most of our house is painted (how this is remotely possible is only completely magical and beyond me).

I decided there was no way the room was going to be that dark.
So we tried again, with two lighter taupe colors.
Definitely a large step in the right direction,
but still not right.

So I'm spending some of the evening scouring Pinterest for paint colors.

I'm starting to think I may have a very real addiction to painting and that I don't know what to do with myself otherwise because I keep finding excuses in my head to paint rooms (closets, cabinets, nooks, crannies) that I never even planned to paint and I'm already reconsidering a paint color I used in one room.

 But I should have a new hobby to keep me a little busy...
Jason got me a camera for Christmas

And I'm really excited about it.


  1. You got a camera! And you're excited about it - great!

    I have been obsessed, somewhat, with the papermills here - especially when it is way below zero and the smoke is billowing out and the sun is setting behind it. That was one thing for which I really wanted a camera. And then, people at the various gatherings we find ourselves at.

    1. Yeah, I've taken a few pictures of the mills here! What I really want to get pictures of is the hoarfrost on the trees but I never seem to have my camera with me when there is. I hope I can get some pictures of it some time! It's too pretty to pass up. I just have to get into the habit of bringing my camera with me wherever I go!



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