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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I loved decorating our tree with Jason this year. It was my first opportunity to hang some ornaments and Christmas decorations of my grandma's that she gave me.

What I love about my Grandma Rita's style is that she loves angels and antiques and primitives, so my whole life I grew up around these things. When I saw what is now our home for sale back in July, I knew it was the one I wanted because it had that same farm house/primitive look to it throughout the entire house and I just immediately fell in love.
We have a local shop here in town with primitives and handmade items, and it's basically become my favorite store of all time.

I either want to live in the store or buy everything and take it home with me.

Last Christmas, I got the J and M bears from Kohl's and sewed the paws together and gave them to Jason as part of his Christmas gift. 

I am starting to see now why people would roll their eyes when we would tell them we were "just" friends back then.

I hope to be able to make an ornament each year to add to our tree, this year making one for our marriage in August, and maybe even a second ornament for our engagement in May.

I started making a tree skirt for our tree last night and so far it's about half done. I've never sewn anything circle-shaped before, so it's been an interesting learning experience but I think I'm getting the hang of it.

Is it just me or is Christmas coming way too fast?! It seems like the next thing I know, Christmas will have come and gone, the Christmas songs will stop playing on the radio and the Christmas lights will start coming down, and the snow will melt, and (just kidding that will be around for several months after Christmas because Minnesota.)

Every year around Christmas time I have a mental battle trying to decide if leaving Christmas lights up year round is really all that bad.

In the meantime I've been finishing up our guest bedroom and doing some last bits of unpacking here and there. One thing I've learned about moving into a house is that it's going to be a while before it truly feels settled in and before it feels like home. But my hope is that I can stay on track and keep making this house feel a little more like home each day for Jason and I.
(and our two crazy cats)

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