Road Trip North

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I love going on road trips and seeing parts of America I've never seen before.
I'd really love to go on a long road trip one day and get up close and personal with some of these charming small towns scattered across and tucked away in the nooks and crannies of the country.

After our short trip to California over the weekend, some fun shopping, attending a dear friend's wedding, going to our church back home, and saying some sweet goodbyes to my family, Jason and I headed out on the road in my Volkswagen Beetle for our trip back to Minnesota.
Beetles are of course a typical road trip car, except mine is a 2000's model, not the super cool vintage kind. Womp, womp. It was still like traveling in a pod of coolness!

When we moved, we packed up and loaded our enclosed trailer.

Which was pretty much the longest game of Tetris ever. 

Having only had my driver's license for two months at that point, I wasn't ready to drive my bug 2,200 miles on my own. (And I still wouldn't be. Ha!)
Jason and I rode together in his truck as we pulled the trailer to Minnesota, our cats in tow in the back seat.
So with no one to drive him, Joey (my bug, affectionately named after the Tribbiani variety) stayed behind in California for a few months.

The first night we made it to Salt Lake City.
We drove through downtown in the dead of night with hardly another car on any street.
The small brick mom and pop shops lined the streets; the bigger chains lighting up the corners.
The air was still and crisp.
While I was excited to be there, the next morning is what I was most excited for.
See, I have this thing with Utah and Idaho. (Especially Idaho.)

I kind of love them.
More than you know.

I haven't seen all the states, and I would like to see them all at some point in my life, but of the ones I've seen and been in I'd say these two are my favorites, along with Colorado.
I'd really love to live in one of those places someday.

I know I'm not the only one whose love of Colorado started with Everwood at the beginning of the 2000's. I know I'm not!

Not too long after we headed out on the road on day two of our trip, we got to go through Logan, Utah, which was such a cute town with red leaves on the trees... It was so beautiful there!
We then continued along to drive by Bear Lake.
It's regarded as the Caribbean of the Rockies and that couldn't seem to be more true!
For a lake, the water was so turquoise.
It left Jason and I with our jaws hanging in our laps.
I wish we could have taken pictures on the beach there, but we didn't have time to drive to the other side of the lake.

We continued on through the country of Preston, Idaho. This is the hometown of Napoleon Dynamite, so of course we had to drive through it and our only option was to go somewhere that had "tots" on the menu.

Hilarity ensued.

After all our driving around, we got back on the main highway, and headed North again.

One thing I love about going on road trips with Jason is just doing anything.
Listening to your favorite kind of music.
Dancing and singing in the seat of the car without a care in the world--
even if you're like me and suck at singing.
Talking about anything from things that never need to be worried about (like, "Do zombies freeze in cold weather?") all the way down to the more serious stuff.
It all comes out on our road trips.
It reminds me of who we are as a couple and as best friends when we go on trips together.
There's something so freeing and renewing about it for me, for us, and for my soul.

When we came home late last night, our whole yard, porch, driveway--everything was covered in three inches of snow.

I love it.

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