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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Moving has been quite the process.
It's sometimes a difficult process because I'm the kind of person that gets bursts of ambition to conquer everything,
and when it's not accomplished in one day I lose focus.
Usually "conquering everything" means lots of projects which wouldn't even be humanly possible to accomplish in 24 hours, at least not by oneself.
So it's been a process for me, honing in on what can and cannot be accomplished in one day.

But we've made a lot of progress.

Here's what the house looked like the night we moved in,
when we literally just took everything from our moving trailer, to the porch, and found any available spot for it on the living and dining room floor:

I'm a neat freak and I hate clutter and disorganization;
moving has been a bit of my own personal nightmare.

But that was two months ago.

Since then, the mess has been {mostly} cleaned up, the boxes are no longer stacked chandelier high,
and we decided that mocha-colored walls just weren't going to work for us.

It's not that it looked that bad. In fact, the day we moved in was an unusually sunny day for the end of Summer and beginning of Fall in Minnesota. So the light outside made it look good, actually.

Three days later and you couldn't have asked for it to be gloomier.
The darkness outside only exaggerated the dark brown of the walls and it made it look dark and depressing inside, too.

Keep in mind that mocha color was the main color throughout our entire house.
It had to go.

It was a little messy at first.

There was a lot of brown to cover; we were still unpacking and trying to decide if converting the upstairs family room into a master suite was a good idea or not.
{We decided it wasn't.}

Walls that were once red...

...were temporarily painted blue.

But we decided we didn't like that, so we took our blue elsewhere.

"Tan is a good idea."

Five gallons later,

"Let's never paint again."

We started rolling on the tan...
{That wall is no longer tan, either.}

Fashioned some relatively unsafe scaffolding...

But then we finally got it figured out,

...and the tape started coming off.

We figured out where to take our blue,
{upstairs family room with a bed temporarily in it until we get the guest bedroom painted}

And where to put our tan.

Our two-story staircase was painted without injury,

And the mess in the dining room from when we finished painting in late September is still there seven weeks later. 
{note the green tree outside the window from when the tape was still on, and the bare tree and snow from the picture I took today. oops.}

I can't express how much I love the colors now. Whenever I see the upstairs living room with that grey sky-blue and the linen tan color, I think of towels fresh out of the laundry. 
{fresh linens scent is one of my favorites, surprised?}

This week I'll be painting the guest bedroom and the play room.
The bed from the pictures above will go in the guest bedroom and the guest bedroom walls are covered floor to ceiling with bead boarding.
Any color suggestions?

Our new paint colors pictured:
Sherwin Williams Beach House and Pittsburgh Chambray
Chandelier: Ikea 

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