our second reception

Monday, November 18, 2013

centerpiece at our head table

As mentioned in my last blog, Saturday we had our Canadian wedding reception.
Most of the people who attended were unable to make it to the wedding, so we thought it would be special to make it feel a little more like they had been at the wedding, too.

We got our ceremony video in last Thursday, so before dinner started, and before we made our big entrance, we had our pre-ceremony montage play and then we played our ceremony video. I love that we did this because it gave so many of Jason's friends and family an opportunity to see him (us!) getting married. Many people said they enjoyed it!

Then when the ceremony video was over, and everyone was seated in the reception hall, we made our big entrance. I thought it would be neat if we made our entrance then, all done up in our same wedding clothes. Up until then, none of the guests had seen us except for on the ceremony video.

We had dinner and some people gave speeches and congratulations.

We played the shoe game, which we were originally supposed to play at the real wedding, but unfortunately that didn't happen. I'm glad we got to play it on Saturday though! It was a lot of fun and a source for a lot of laughter.

Then we had dessert, and then the floor opened up for people to fill out mad-lib "advice" cards. We loved reading those when we got home. So many were sweet, and so many were funny as well!
We also had a photo booth that people made good use of...

nephew No. 2 center

James (brother in law)

nephew No. 2

Jason and I

We had such a great time!
We had so much help from our family putting this together and we enjoyed every minute of it!


  1. Nice pictures, looks like you both had a great time, Love, your California Mom and Dad,

    1. We did! We love you both! Love Marlyssa and Jason



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