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Friday, November 8, 2013

Jason and I went to Ikea and Target last night to do some shopping for our bedroom back home.
I love picture frames filling a house so we got a few more, along with some bedding.
I'm excited that we finally have our room situation figured out because we could never choose which bedroom in the house we wanted to be the master. All the bedrooms in our house are long and narrow and more awkward than being in seventh grade with braces in a turtleneck sweater again.

It's been a process.

But now that we have it figured out, we can choose the color scheme for our room. I'm looking forward to having the our room put together!


It's almost surreal being back here. I've lived here my whole life, yet in a matter of two months of being gone it doesn't feel like home is here anymore. Last night we went to an auto parts store to replace a headlight on my car, and for a second I considered leaving my phone in the car while we went in the store. But then I remembered we're not in small-town Minnesota.

Last night while driving home in the evening, I saw four bright spots in the sky that almost resembled part of the big dipper. I started to say to myself, "Look! The big..."
They were just planes. As usual, not one star can be seen in the Los Angeles night sky.

I'm used to seeing thousands of stars at night now.

We went to visit my grandma and grandpa in San Diego and we drove along the Pacific Coast Highway to get there and the smog was hovering over the ocean.

The ocean.

Don't get me wrong, there are parts I miss about California. But in two short months it seems like my allegiance to California has been lost.

I miss the beach. But I don't miss the smog.
I miss things being so close by. But I don't miss the traffic.
I miss all the sunshine. But I don't miss that you can't see stars out here. 
I miss the heat. But I don't miss the congestion. 

It's so weird coming back because I have an outside perspective when I never used to before. 

As strange as it is coming back home, for now I am going to enjoy the sunshine, the warm days, the close shopping, and spending time with my family.
I look forward to going back home though.

Home is in Minnesota now.


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