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Friday, November 15, 2013

This is how our back yard looks right now.

When Jason and I got home from our trip, Jason's mom had left us some gorgeous Winter flowers to come home to.

 Cat tails and spruce branches.

I set them under our Fall wreath and set some pine cones my dad gave me before we left inside the wreath. A "welcome home" note was written for us from my sweet mom-in-law on some birch bark.

We've been really busy this week.

Ever since Jason and I got home I've been really busy around the house.
I've been gathering together a lot of the decorations from our wedding because...drum roll please...

We are having a second reception!

Since our wedding was in California and most of Jason's family and friends are in Canada and the East Coast and scattered across the country (and world!), only his immediate family, some of his closest friends and a few cousins could make it to the actual wedding. 

And Jason has a big family (Like, 83 first cousins big. Is there a record book for this? I only have 3.) so it only seemed natural to throw a second reception to give his friends and family a better chance to attend.

The reception is tomorrow, on our three month wedding anniversary. (As seventh grade as a three month anniversary sounds.) We were still unpacking from our move last month, and literally signing the papers to buy our house the month before that, so here we are!

We  planned the entire thing between writing on a to-go box after dinner with Jason's parents, and scrambling everything together we still have from the wedding in the past few days.
Let's just say after planning a wedding in two and a half months,

I could use a break from wedding planning.

Let's just say I could live with having all sons 
so I never have to plan a wedding again.

Maybe not that dramatic.

But I am done with wedding planning for a good while.
So this reception will be really simple putting together. Maybe part of that is because all the decorations are already made.
Jason and I made everything for our wedding except for the flower arrangements and our flower girl and ring bearer wagon.
It was a round-the-clock-for-ten-weeks job.
We knew people's shifts at Hobby Lobby.
(It's not like we were stalking them or anything.)
We probably looked like craft-supply hoarders to the employees since we frequented the store every day.
Sometimes more than once a day.
And we would kick ourselves Sunday if we had to go to another craft store instead.

I remember when we went to a food tasting at our venue, a wedding was going on at the same time in another room. When we pulled up to the venue, the bridal party was outside taking pictures and the first thought that came to my mind when I saw the bride was,

"She's so lucky she's done with all the more check lists, deadlines, itineraries...."
I think Jason had to help me snap out of my full-blown zone-out moment just so we could get out of the car.

Our hallway is now lined with boxes filled with vases, candles, guest books, picture frames, photo booth props, games, and other decorations.   
I'm really excited for this since it was so easy to plan. I'll be meeting a lot of new people (around a hundred) so I'll do my best to remember names and sticking them to their appropriate faces, but for now I'm so excited for this. We also have a special surprise for our guests who couldn't make it to the wedding in August. Jason and I are so happy with how it's all coming together.

It's been crazy. And it's been hectic.
But after this, all will return to normal until Christmas.
Time to bust out those Christmas cards!

But before I go...

Can we all just take a moment and admire how great this ironing board is?

I want to hug whoever designed this fabric.

For someone who's always known she was meant to be a housewife/mama (someday) I really don't know the first thing about being a housewife. I am the walking billboard for irony.

Ha. Get it?

When I saw this ironing board in the store last night, there was no hesitation in getting this one over the other ones the store had. I've pretty much never ironed in my life and when I have they have been failed attempts. I figured why not! This ironing board couldn't speak to my personality any better.
Plus it's just really cute. 
Let's look at it some more:

I got it from K-Mart for $17. 

How To Iron
1. plug iron into outlet
2. turn the dial to the appropriate setting
3. when steam ironing, fill reservoir with water, as directed
4. lay garment flat on board
5. iron slowly with even pressure, keep the iron moving
6. when finished with each garment, hang up immediately

After ironing table runners for our reception, I think I'm getting the hang of this.


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